Mum shares genius way for parents to keep track of their kids in busy places

Parenting isn’t easy and when your kids go missing in busy places, it’s a nightmare.

One mum has shared her advice for dealing with the anxiety after an incident happened to her last year.

Lucy Jobbins told how she lost sight of her son Teddy during a family outing to the beach and “never recovered from the trauma”.

Now she’s got a clever hack after her friend recommended using Apple AirTags.

The small pieces of technology are intended to clip onto items like keys or wallets to show their location.

But the 32-year-old, from Leeds, bought them on Amazon for £29 each and uses it on the clothing of her two children.

The mum puts the tech devices on her kids now when they’re out and about

She said the Apple AirTags really calms her down.

Posting on Facebook, Lucy said: “I thought parents would appreciate this.

“I have two babies under five and one of them bolts away from me whenever he gets the chance.

“Apple AirTags from Amazon, connected to my phone so I can clip them to the inside of their clothes if we go somewhere busy.”

Lucy added: “Best money I have ever spent. I used them while we were at Alton towers this weekend and it really calmed me down.

“We lost my littlest at a beach last year and I never recovered from the trauma… Until now.”

Since she shared the trick on Facebook, the post racked up hundreds of comments with parents saying they use it too.

Speaking about the time Teddy ran off, she said: “We were both running around like headless chickens trying to find him.”

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