Mum shares how she manages to leave the house on time with her two kids

A mother of two has taken to TikTok to share her six tips on how she manages to leave the house on time despite having her little ones in tow, and they’re so simple you can do them too

TikTok star Csilla has shared her tips with fans

A woman has shared how she manages to leave the house on time every day – despite having two young children in tow.

TikTok star Csilla,, created a video that she uploaded onto social media, detailing her technique for getting her troop ready to leave the house.

The mum-of-two and parenting coach said that if you follow her six simple steps, then you’ll be able to get out on time every single day.

She said it was important to maintain a unity with your children, and if they start to wobble it’s best to slow down and reassure them rather then charge on and ignore their worsening mood.

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In the video, Csilla said: “One – allow 15-30 minutes extra than you think to get ready.

“Two – give time warnings or create a playlist of songs to help with time management.

“Three – do as much as you can the night before.

“Four – use charts/checklists to help children plan their morning.

“Five – be clear with your expectations and remain consistent.

“Six – If things get out of hand, slow down, give love, hugs and reassurance.”

Csilla describes herself as a ‘conscious parent coach’, and on her TikTok page she has uploaded many videos for parents.

She covers topics such as ‘setting boundaries’, ‘how do you show love to your child’, and ‘what is fear-based parenting’.

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