Mum shares how to resettle your baby in MINUTES if they wake up during naps

HAVING a newborn is an exciting time for any parent, the newborn baby smell and limitless snuggles are a joy parents remember forever.

But that being said, it is also a huge adjustment to the family and sleepless nights looking after newborns are not quite as desired as your time spent snuggling with them.

Luckily one mum, who is also a certified sleep consultant for those aged between 0 – 5, has shared how to resettle your baby after they wake up form a nap or sleep.

Emma Collett, from Utah, shared her fantastic trick on her instagram page, brighterdayssleep.

In the video it says: “How to resettle your baby when they wake from a short nap.”

Emma says babies simply need help learning how to bridge their own sleep cycles.

She then demonstrates how you can teach babies to bridge their sleep cycles.

First, Emma says to roll the baby onto their side and to say shush loudly.

She also recommends patting their chest and back in a steady motion until they have fallen asleep.

In the caption, Emma writes: “This is for all of you who feel like the only way your baby sleeps longer than 20-40 minutes is when you’re holding them!

“Needing assistance sleeping is NORMAL for babies!! And there’s nothing wrong with it either.

“Do all the contact naps you wish if that’s what makes you both happy.

“But for the mums who are touched out and feel tied down, this technique could change your life!”

Once your baby has fallen asleep on their side, gently return the baby to their back, whilst you continuosly shush and pat their chest.

She says to parents not to get discouraged when your baby startles themselves awake again, this is normal as they resettle and try to stay consistent with your soothing.

Emma notes that resettling a baby back to sleep is more difficult than settling to sleep.

She says the process took her 15 minutes to bridge his sleep cycles.

As the baby is sleeping she catches on film when he begins to startle but this time, the baby is able to soothe himself.

Parents loved Emma’s genius trick, “I needed this yesterday! Thank you, will definitely be using it.” They add: “Baby girl sleeps like a rock when held, but her eyes burst open when put down in the bassinet.”

Another user wrote: “This really does work most of the time.”

A third person responded: “I wish I knew this 9 years ago. I had to hold my daughter for naps up to 6 months because she would wake up after 15-20 min and cry if I put her down.”

Emma recommends turning them on their side and patting their back steadily


Emma recommends turning them on their side and patting their back steadilyCredit: brighterdayssleep/Instagram

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