Mum shares the easy way she fits bunk beds in her kids’ tiny bedroom & it instantly gives them more space

A SAVVY mum has shared how she has made more of her kids’ tiny bedroom, creating a bedroom that is more spacious despite the teeny space. 

In the TikTok video, the mum of two, Jalissa shared how she has made her children’s tiny bedroom more spacious. 


Mum shares hack for making more of a small bedroomCredit: TikTok/@poeticli/
The bedroom is tiny


The bedroom is tinyCredit: TikTok/@poeticli/

In the video, captioned ‘I stuck my kids’ bunk bed inside their closet’, the mum shows how before her kids’ bunk bed takes up most of the space in their bedroom. 

The mum then shows how she has managed to give her kids more space – and it’s genius. 

By moving her kids’ bunk beds partially into the gap where their wardrobe used to sit, the mum was able to give them more space as the beds didn’t stick out as far into the small room. 

The mum’s smart hack sent TikTok wild, with one user commenting: “That was a great idea because they have more room.” 

While another user said: “great idea”. 

Another added: “Nice! Great idea mom!!”

The bedroom looked more spacious after the makeover


The bedroom looked more spacious after the makeoverCredit: TikTok/@poeticli/

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