Mum shows off simple chore chart she uses to get her kids to help around the house and they love it

FOR most parents, getting the kids to complete their chores is one of the most difficult jobs.

But one mum has revealed how she encourages her kids to help out around the house and the idea is absolutely genius. 


Shelly’s chore chart is incredibleCredit: Shelley Kozyra

Sydney mum, Shelley Kozyra, shared her smart chore chart on Facebook this week and has since gone viral. 

In the post, the mum-of-three wrote: “Full-time work and being mum to my beautiful three little ones Mr 7, Mr 5 and Miss 2 is busy and need all the help we can get.”

“Aim is to work towards a number of tokens (laminated happy faces) that they put in the buckets and trade-in for something they would really like.”

“When ready – [they can get] a special outing (movies, dinner etc) one-on-one time, stay up a bit later, screen time or an item from the shops.”

The mum-of-three’s idea is based on the principles shared in the book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today by American author Carol McCloud. 

How the system works is simple: when her children follow the ‘house rules’ they get given a token, such as when they use nice words. However, if her kids are naughty and kick or bite then they don’t get a token. 

Shelly purchased a whiteboard from Kmart and $1.99 buckets from IKEA for the system and has explained to her kids that they can complete household chores in exchange for the chance to do fun activities. 

The board shows that one of her sons was in charge of keeping the garden mess-free and cleaning the bathroom, while her other son was in charge of helping to sort clothes and prepare meals. 

Lots of other parents love Shelley’s idea. 

One commented:”Love this! I love how you put a visual to bucket-filling!” 

Another said: “This is so thoughtful and cute! Great job, Mummy!”

Parents think Shelly's idea is amazing


Parents think Shelly’s idea is amazingCredit: Getty

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