Mum slammed for being ‘out of touch’ as she boasts about her walk-in shoe wardrobe & 10-year-old’s Prada bag

A MUM has sparked outrage for showing off her luxury clothing and handbag selection… including designer bags that belong to her 10-year-old daughter.

The mum has been ridiculed online for being insensitive for ‘showing off ‘ her luxury life as so many people are struggling financially.


Woman ridiculed online for showing off daughter’s Prada bagCredit: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

The Australian woman gave an insight into her large walk-in wardrobe, showing everything from her jewellery to luxurious make-up as well as a Prada handbag she purchased for her 10-year-old daughter.

Posting on her Instagram channel the woman called Roxy seems to be a brand ambassador as in one post she offers discounts for purchasing luxury jewellery or make-up organiser.

“Sharing a review of a fab new range from @prenebags – cosmetic case and a jewellery organiser – if you would like 10% off for the next 48 Hours enter ROXYSEPTEMBER when you check out,” wrote the woman.

The post, which has over 55K views were met with a range of comments, some annoyed at Roxy for posting about her luxury life whilst others are struggling.

“How absolutely out of touch with Australia are you” commented one person.

Another wrote: “A lot of people can’t pay their bills, and you continually show off. No, I don’t follow you but saw this on another news format. Had to write something. Pull your head in.”

“Yeah it’s amazing no doubt.. but time and place,” said another.

However, some jumped to Roxy’s defence stating that she did not deserve to be ridiculed.

“That’s not a fair comment. She helps promote businesses that keep them going, and she works hard in her own business. Blame the governments for people struggling not Roxy!” commented one person.

“Maybe she has worked really hard for everything she has…thought about that?” said another person.

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woman slammed for showing off walk-in wardrobe as others struggle to pay bills


woman slammed for showing off walk-in wardrobe as others struggle to pay billsCredit: Instagram/@roxyjacenko

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