Mum slammed for giving lunchbox full of ‘processed’ food to five-year-old son

A mum has received criticism online after sharing a photo of a lunchbox she made for her five-year-old son, with several commenting on the processed content of the food

The lunchbox has been criticised online

An Aussie mum has been slammed online, after revealing the packaged lunch she gave to her five-year-old son, which was full of ‘processed’ food – despite it looking reasonably healthy at first glance.

The mum took to social media to explain the youngster was still hungry after eating a four-egg omelette for breakfast, before sharing the packed lunch she had prepared for him for lunch.

According to the photo, the lunch appeared to include white cheesy bread, salami, cabanossi and shredded mozzarella cheese, as well as a handful of mini-marshmallows, a chocolate chip muffin and strawberries covered in colourful sprinkles.

The mum says her five-year-old son was still hungry after a four-egg omelette


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“Mr 5 is still hungry after eating a four-egg omelette and asked for a lunchbox. This kid is going to eat me poor,” she wrote online.

But, while many parents can relate to having hungry, growing kids, many parents criticised the mum for her choice of lunch items.

One mum commented: “Looks like a lot of processed food, maybe that’s the reason,” while another suggested introducing more protein and complex carbohydrates into his diet in an attempt to keep him fuller for longer – although it’s worth pointing out that eggs are full of protein and he was still hungry after breakfast.

“Try omitting the sprinkles and adding chia seeds and maybe some coconut,” a third added.

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “My daughter is constantly hungry and will often eat three serves of dinner. Perhaps try oats or Weetbix with yoghurt and then the omelette. I’ve found this helps my daughter get through the morning better than one or the other.”

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