Mum slammed for trying to sell white gown she wore to son’s wedding

A woman has caused outrage online after she tried to sell the dress she wore to her son’s wedding – with online users noting one problem.

A woman has sparked outrage online for wearing white to her son’s wedding.

Posting onto a Reddit thread, a user said they came across an ad for the dress on Facebook and had to share it.

The ad for the dress – which is being given away for free in Dundalk, Ireland – reads: “Agata Nicole mother of the groom dress. Only worn for a couple of hours.”

The photos show a woman wearing a white gown with a long train and white rose fascinator, The Sun reports.

While the screenshot hasn’t been confirmed as legitimate, people on Reddit are outraged.

The majority of commenters have slammed the woman for wearing a dress that is practically a wedding gown to her son’s wedding.

“When I first looked at the picture I thought ‘why are we shaming this? That’s a lovely wedding dress’. Then I read ‘mother of the groom dress’. Holy sh*t that is so inappropriate to wear to your son’s wedding,” one person said.

“That’s a wedding dress. Like it’s an actually bridal gown, not just a white dress but a full on bridal gown. Damn,” someone else wrote.

A third person added: “MILs wearing wedding dresses to their sons’ weddings is borderline incestuous.”

Others said that if anyone wore this on their wedding day they’d demand the person change.

“Yeah I don’t understand it if my (33m) mother or sister or anyone, tried to wear a white dress to my wedding they would be shamed into changing or forced to leave,” a Redditor said.

Another commented: “I would ask my future MIL to leave if she wore that.”

Other commenters said it could be a dress worn to a traveller wedding, where customs tend to be a bit different to traditional weddings.

“Judging by the location of the ad, I’d imagine that this dress was worn at an Irish Traveller wedding. Normal wedding etiquette may or may not apply at a wedding like that,” someone explained.

A second person backed this statement by saying: “I agree. This designer seems to be favoured by traveller families and this would definitely be deemed suitable for MOB in their culture.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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