Mum-to-be has full face makeover while in labour so baby can see her ‘queen’

For about-to-be mums, a checklist of things to remember for the big day is essential.

From things for the baby – milk, bottle, clothes etc – to things for mum – fresh clothes and a towel etc – the list is something all new parents are familiar with.

But now, one TikToker has added a new must-have to the list – a full face of make-up and freshly preened hair.

Lea Harris videoed herself in a hospital gown, mid-birth, while putting on a fresh face of make-up.

And the only thing that stopped her was when a nurse needed to take her blood pressure.

Lea Harris applies a full face of make-up before giving birth

During the video, Ms Harris explained that she was 8.5cm dilated and was seemingly more concerned with applying foundation, contouring, eye make-up, false lashes and lip gloss.

On the video, she wrote: “I did my make-up before birthing my baby. I wanted her to meet the queen in full face.”

More than 8.7 million people have viewed the video, which has been liked a staggering 2.6 million times.

Emma Elnes commented: “This is proof we don’t do our makeup for the boyz.”

And another user wrote: “Gone have them birth photos lookin righttt.”

She later posted another video of her new-born daughter, who showed no reaction to her mum’s full face of make-up.

Her original video was done as part of the #introductionchallenge, where your record yourself introducing yourself to new people in the most stylish way possible.

The woman applying the makeup
She only stopped once – to have her blood pressure taken

One TikTok user, infrabren, recorded himself introducing himself to random strangers in a supermarket and then introducing his brother to them.

The video shows shoppers looking very confused as they don’t know the original man, or his rather muscle-bound brother.

One man tried to break the ice by saying “he’s a pretty big boy, isn’t he?”.

That video has been viewed more than 20,000 times.

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