Mum transforms dated kitchen into a chic new space using £2 bargains from B&M

A MUM-OF-TWO has revealed how she has transformed her kitchen using all budget items and the results are amazing.

Julie Pentelow, 32, from Swindon, took on a little DIY project to freshen up her kitchen cabinets, aiming to create a chic monochrome design.


Julie Pentelow, 32, completely revamped her tired kitchen with £2 B&M bargainCredit: latest deals
She swapped her beige colour scheme for a modern grey instead


She swapped her beige colour scheme for a modern grey insteadCredit: latest deals

The mum revamped her kitchen by using pocket-friendly items from Asda, B&M and Ikea.

Teaching assistant Julie is “really happy” with the way DIY kitchen results and turned out while revealing her best bargain including a  £2 sugar soap and £3 paint rollers to

Julie said: “I used Loft Grey Satin V33 Cupboard and Cabinet paint from B&Q, a 2L tub cost £38 and it did all of my kitchen cupboards with some left over – I managed to paint my bannister and kitchen table”

The talented mum said she does a bit of graphic design in her spare time, and thus enjoys being creative and decorating.


“I enjoyed making some simple prints to add to the Scandinavian picture wall,” said the mum.

“I also picked up an artificial hanging plant from IKEA for £6 and a hanging plant in a glass jar for £4 from B&M to give a natural look to the room and add some colour” she added.

The mum explains how she went on a hunt for the best bargains before getting started on the kitchen cabinets.

‘The first step was to prep the kitchen cabinets using the sugar soap (£2 in B&M). This gave them a good clean and ensured there wasn’t any greasy residue before I started painting” she said.

“Then I used a mini foam roller(4 for £3 from B&M) to apply the V33 paint, it went on so well and gave it a really smooth finish. In fact, everything now feels great and not like it’s been painted at all” she added.

The mum said that this was not an easy task with two young kids and it was often difficult to keep them away from the wet paint.

“I got used to the pattern of painting one section before needing to return to parenting duties such as picking up my 5-year-old from school,” she said.

Adding: “This meant there were times when the kitchen looked unfinished and quite chaotic – the cupboards would be partially painted or the grout work would only be half done!”

The mum said she was ” really happy” with the way her kitchen turned out and feels like she has a brand new kitchen. 

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The mum got the job done while looking after her two young children


The mum got the job done while looking after her two young childrenCredit: latest deals
She is really happy with her new fresh look


She is really happy with her new fresh lookCredit: latest deals
The space needed a freshen up


The space needed a freshen upCredit: latest deals
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