Mum urges parents to check baby’s toes after finding ‘scary’ reason for her crying

A mum has urged parents to check their baby’s fingers and toes after finding the “scary” reason her child had been crying all night.

The parent, from the US, explained she had “tried everything” to stop the crying but could not find the reason.

She finally discovered that a few strands of hair had been “wrapped around two toes” and had been causing pain.

In her TikTok video, the newborn’s toes appear red and swollen and the mum explained the strands had managed to cut off circulation, causing a “hair torniquet”.

“Make it a habit to check your babies fingers and toes,” she wrote.

The parent urged others to check their baby’s toes

In the comments, the TikToker said that her and her partner have “really long hair and shed like crazy” and they are now checking daily for hair tourniquets.

Her video has since been seen more than 4.2 million times and many parents said they had experienced the same problems with their children.

“Omg this happened with my first son and I had no clue,” one wrote.

Newborn baby crying in mother hands

“The hair was embedded in his tie wrinkles. I took him tot he doctors because I thought he was hurt.”

Another commented: “More mums need to see this and actually realize this can happen.”

And a third added: “God bless you and your family.”

A hair tourniquet, which usually only affects young babies, occurs when a strand of hair wraps around a body part and cuts of circulation.

If they go unnoticed for long periods of time, they can cause nerve or tissue damage and immense pain to babies.

Paramedic Nikki Jurcutz previously explained in an Instagram post the best way to treat the problem is with hair removal cream.

She said to only apply it if the skin is not broken and if that doesn’t work, parents should take their child to the hospital for help.

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