Mum warns why smacking your child does not stop them having tantrums

A mum has given her advice to parents why they should not smack their children while they were having a meltdown.

Kelly Medina Enos, 31, explained that the violent behaviour could affect the children psychologically and it could break the kid’s trust of a “safe space”.

She posted a clip to show how “respectful parenting” works and a viewer replied that they had an elderly woman saying she “would have smacked hers if they were having a tantrum”.

Kelly then responded in a clip to point out why she does not encourage smacking.

“All that smacking a child does in the middle of a tantrum is – makes them more angry, definitely doesn’t stop the tantrum, you no longer feel like a safe space for them.

Kelly said parents should not expect the child to have full control of their emotions at young age

“It definitely won’t stop future tantrums and finally they will later on in life suppress their emotions because they don’t get the loving reaction that they need while having a tantrum.”

It is also considered as child abuse, needless to say.

“I get a little bit sick of people thinking that children are not allowed to have tantrums, that they should have all their emotions just completely under wraps,” she continues.

“I mean, I’m 31 years of age and I definitely do not have my emotions under control, so how can you expect that from a child?

She said smacking the child won't stop them having meltdown in the future
She said smacking the child won’t stop them having meltdown in the future

“Asking for a friend genuinely but on the flip side, remember that this elderly woman has probably been smacked her life and her mother’s mother probably smacked her.

“So she has done the best with the knowledge and tools that she has had.”

Meanwhile, a mother faced an eviction because her 18-month-old daughter’s screams.

The single mum and her toddler are being booted out because the landlord and neighbours can’t stand the noise disruption, but she’s struggling to find somewhere else to live.

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