Mum worried after choosing name for baby which ‘means idiot and dimwit’

A mum who recently decided on a name for her baby boy was horrified when people told her that it’s slang for an “idiot.”

The confused woman still wanted to use the name, but was worried about the connotations , reports the Sun.

She posted on Mumsnet to ask fellow parents what they thought about the unusual moniker – and whether it was cruel to stick with it.

She said: “We are from Hungary where Nimród is a popular boy’s name and we’d like to call our child Nimród.

“However, I’ve just learnt that in American slang ‘nimrod’ means idiot, dimwit, stupid, etc. But I’ve never heard this in the UK.

“I wonder how bad Nimrod sounds for a native English speaker in the UK. (We have no connections with the US and our son would grow up in the UK.)”

She wanted to know if the name held the same meaning in the UK

In the replies, the comments were mixed as some claimed they didn’t know it was an insult at all.

One wrote: “I didn’t know it was an insult – but it’s a plane – so no wouldn’t use that as a name.”

While another added: “I’d never heard of it as an insult and thought it sounded great- the mighty hunter- but if it’s a known put down then maybe best avoided, or used as a middle name as Americanisms have a tendency to spread here.”

But, plenty of others agreed that she shouldn’t use the name as it did have a negative meaning.

She was shocked to find out the double meaning
She was shocked to find out the double meaning

One noted: “Yes, I would use Nimrod to mean idiot. Sorry.”

While another said: “I’d regard Nimrod as an insult too.”

And a third commented “Nimrod is an insult like numbnut or dips***, absolutely do not call your child this if you are spending time in the UK.”

What do you think – would you use this name? Tell us in the comments section…

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