Mum worries daughter’s brutal ‘wildlife’ homework will make her look ‘disturbed’

A mum was horrified when she read her daughter’s “wildlife” diary.

Her little one, who is in Year 4, was asked to write a list of all the animals she’d seen during the week.

But instead of focusing on “birds singing” and “late summer butterflies”, the assignment took a grim turn.

According to BirminghamLive, the parent told Mumsnet: “DD2’s (darling daughter’s) Year 4 class are writing ‘urban wildlife diaries’ this week and I took a look at what DD had written so far this evening.

“‘There were rats at the bottom of the garden. I saw two it was the size of a cat.

“‘At night I could hear foxes fighting and they make a sound like ladys screeming (sic).’ (At least she didn’t know what they were actually doing.)”

A mum was horrified when she read her daughter’s homework responses

The post continued: “‘On the way home I saw a dead squirrel and two pigeons were eating it.

“’There are lots of spiders in our house and my dad washed them down the plug drowned them.’

“Urgh… I’m sure the teacher was expecting different kinds of birds singing outside the window and late summer butterflies.

“DH (darling husband) thought it was hilarious but I’m sure the teacher is going to think she’s a Disturbed Child.”

The mum concluded the post by asking if she was being out of line.

Mumsnetters quickly reassured her they thought it was “hilarious” and excellent “descriptive writing”.

One commenter said: “Haha its brilliant. Honestly its real life observation. Kids are amazing at it, and as adults we just loose this valuable tool. I would let her get on with it.”

Another wrote: “You are being unreasonable. She sounds brilliant.”

And a third added: “She’s got her descriptive writing down. rats the ‘size of a cat.’

“Honestly pigeons eating dead squirrels and huge rats are just as much wildlife as butterflies.”

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