Mum’s free daily cleaning routine chart branded ‘amazing’ and stops weekend burnout

A super-organised mum has let people download a free version of her cleaning routine to banish stressful Saturdays.

In a TikTok video, Jen @cleanwithjen reassures people who feel overwhelmed by mess and endless chores, promising she can help them “feel empowered” with her simple cleaning hacks.

The mum shared a version of her impressive daily cleaning schedule to break it down into manageable chunks and explains how it works.

She says “You repeat daily tasks every day and then you clean one room in your house every day.”

In her schedule, her “daily” tasks are making the beds, wiping the toilet and sink, folding laundry, and loading and emptying her dishwasher.

Jen shares her simple cleaning hacks

On Mondays, she cleans her bedroom, on Tuesday she cleans her bathroom, on Wednesday she cleans her hallway, Thursday is the kitchen, and Friday is the living room.

This frees up the weekend although she does point out Sunday can be a good time to squeeze in some garden work, if you’re lucky enough to have one.

“Your house still gets clean, but you don’t need to do it at the weekend,” the cleaning pro advises.

The handy checklist can help you out if you're overwhelmed
The handy checklist can help you out if you’re overwhelmed

Jen also recommends never putting items you’ve been using “down” and, instead, tidying them away immediately so clutter doesn’t build up.

She says you can challenge yourself and make it more fun by setting a timer for 30 minutes and then blitzing through your chores as fast as possible.

One happy follower told her: “You have actually saved me from the dreaded every room every day.”

This comes after a woman showed how to clean your grubby toaster with a simple cleaning hack.

And another shared her tip for avoiding having to remove soggy food from out of the sink using a mesh she bought online – although others told her to just wear gloves.

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