Mum’s hilarious solution after forgetting bags at supermarket – embarrassing son

With busy aisles and empty shelves, food shopping can be stressful for many.

But one mum decided to see the funny side when she forgot to bring her reusable shopping bags.

She filmed the amusing moment she had to stuff her un-bagged food in the back of her car.

Posting under the TikTok name @crazeecarlz1, the mum shared the hilarious clip that left her son “fuming” as he was left squeezed amongst the food shop in the back seat.

The mum added text to the video that explained: “Cannot tell u how fuming my son was that I forgot the bags and he had to sit in the back.”

In the comment section, the mum admitted she even made her son carry in the huge un-bagged shop in from the car.

The mum dumped her food shop in the car after not wanting to fork out for bags

Not only was the backseat rammed with food favourites, the car boot full of purchases overflowed into the rest of the car.

The clip has now gone viral on TikTok – where it’s racked up 1.4 million views and 79,000 likes.

However, some people were left curious as to why the mum did not buy some new bags in the supermarket.

One person asked: “Why not just get bags in the shop?”

The mum replied: “Have far too many at home, normally kept in the car, wasn’t going back to the shop just to buy bags.”

food shop in car
Unlucky for the son, not all the shopping could fit in the boot

Many praised the mum for reducing her plastic usage and managing to cram her big shop in her car.

One person joked: “Yep…thats £10 worth of bags in the UK.”

Another added: “Good on you for being so eco friendly.”

A third user said: “If that had been my teenagers they’d have started eating it.”

And someone else commented: “At least he can snack on the way home.”

We wonder how long it took the son to empty the car in the end…

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