Mum’s horror as she watches baby suffocating on monitor as husband sleeps

The working mother from Shanghai, China, left home to another city and asked her husband to take care of their son but she soon spotted her baby was suffocating under a blanket

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Mum spots son struggling in cot on baby monitor

A mum watched on in horror as she checked her baby monitor and saw her son suffocating as her husband slept – completely unaware of the tot’s peril.

The working mother was away from home when the incident occurred, and she had left the baby in her husband’s care.

She checked the baby monitor and could hear their child crying, and saw that a blanket was covering her son’s face – and had been for at least two minutes, as the Daily Star reports.

It looked as if the dad had fallen asleep and was completely unaware, so she quickly called her husband and woke him up so that he could check on the baby.

Thankfully the child was fine



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The worried mum makes a quick call to her husband and says: “Check the baby, his face is covered by the blanket.”

He quickly checks on his son and removes the blanket off the baby’s face, reassuring his wife: “Oh! He’s fine now.”

Viewers praised the mum for saving her baby’s life and said the father was being “too clumsy” while babysitting.

One said: “The love of a mother is amazing, she checks in on her child even when she has work to do.”

A second wrote: “This is too scary. The father is too irresponsible. Had the mother not checked on her son, the baby could have died of suffocation.”

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“That’s a call for a bad parent right here, how could he not hear his son crying when he is right next to him?” a third asked.

Some found the father’s behaviour too bizarre and circulated a theory that he might not be the child’s biological parent.

“This dad did not pass the parent vibe check, I doubt that’s his biological son,” a viewer joked while another commented: “You can feel how frustrated the mum was, is he even the baby’s father?”

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