Mums outraged by ‘Birthie Stick’ for ‘pregnant women to live stream labour’

Giving birth is obviously very intense for most, so the last thing many mums would want it to take a selfie during labour.

That’s why many parents have been left outraged after they spotted a bizarre ‘Birthie Stick’ which apparently allows pregnant women to get close-up, action shots as they give birth.

However, not everything is as it seems.

The contraption appears to take inspiration from the selfie stick. It has two clamps which attach to a woman’s thighs with a case for a camera phone in the middle.

According to Daily Record, the ‘Birthie Stick’ claims to come in ‘gender colour mounts’. It assures buyers it will ‘bring your delivery to life’, adding it can ‘turn the very precious moments in your life into a viral sensation’.

The device went viral on a parenting Facebook group

The packaging states that “The Birthie Stick was designed to provide steady, high-quality video of the blessed event using just a smartphone.

“So friends, family and followers can enjoy a close-up perspective of your baby’s emergence from the womb. Content doesn’t get any fresher.”

One mum shared a picture of the outlandish invention on a Facebook parenting group saying “Now I have seen it all.”

The post quickly went viral, racking up more than 3,000 comments and 2,500 likes as people couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

Prank Birthie Stick' for 'pregnant women to live stream labour'
Many didn’t release that the contraption is a prank present though

One baffled mum exclaimed: ‘Who the f**k has time to do this . If you want to see it just ask midwife to hold a mirror.”

While another impressed mum wrote: “Definitely invented by a man.”

“Why? I couldn’t think of anything worse!!!” agreed another.

“Obviously the manufacturers haven’t had children yet,” commented another mum.

However some eagle-eyed parents were more skeptical about the device and after a quick Google search, they found that the ‘Birthie Stick’ is actually a prank box.

The idea is that you buy the empty box and place the real gift inside for the mum-to-be at her baby shower or before the baby is born.

The ‘Birthie Stick’ can be bought on Amazon for just £5.96 – what a bargain, eh?

One mum was quick to set people straight as she exclaimed: “People do realise this is a gag gift I hope? As in you buy this empty box as a joke and put the actual baby shower present inside it…..”

Another said: “You know it’s a joke, right?”

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