Mums warned of craze sweeping schools with kids challenged to nick items from printers to parking signs (& even a bus)

KIDS are doing copycats of crimes they have seen online – and it’s all to do with a new TikTok stealing trend.

With kids going back to school this month, parents may have been fretting over having not labelled their uniforms or books, in case it gets accidentally taken – but they have much more to worry about.



The new trend has young people stealing random things from schoolCredit: Tiktok / userftgavdjx20

The new trend which is labelled the ‘devious lick’ (lick being slang for stealing) is a challenge to steal the most random thing possible.

As reported by this TikTok challenge has made kids so creative, they are stealing anything from giant microscopes, a ‘principal only’ parking sign & the button to open the disabled toilet.

One TikTok user posted a video on the social media site showing an assistant principal parking sign he stole.

“First month of school and I already hit this absolutely despicable lick” he posted alongside the video of the sign.

The video which has over 20K views has a range of comments congratulating the teenager.

“This is gonna be viral,” said one commenter.

Another said: “This is lit.”

Another TikTok user shared a video of a printer he had stolen.

Alongside the video which has a whopping 9.7 million views, he posted “Only two weeks into school and got this absolutely devious lick.”

Viewers responded stating that this ‘lick’ would be hard to top: “He won, someone gotta take a desk, SINK, teachers chair, something on that level or he wins.”

“I just saw someone with a bus but this ones’ better” commented another.

Pulling a stolen wet floor sign out of his school bag, one boy wrote “Only the first week of school and I got this mischievous lick.”

Receiving over 847K views commenters praised the teenage boy.

“Bruh gonna take a teacher next, for real” commented one person.

“That’s absolutely gas tbh,” said another.

Of course, we don’t advocate any of the behaviour in these videos – and stealing (however funny it might seem) is a crime.

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One teen took the assistant principal's parking sign


One teen took the assistant principal’s parking signCredit: Tiktok / @guzi_uzi3

One teenager stole a printer from his school


One teenager stole a printer from his schoolCredit: Tiktok /userftgavdjx20

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