Mum’s warning after her tumble dryer gave off a burning smell & she discovered a dangerous build-up of ‘secret lint’

A MUM has warned others about checking their tumble dryer for a build up of lint after hers gave off a burning smell.

The Australian woman discovered where “secret lint” had been lurking after becoming alarmed and inspecting the machine.


The woman shared a photo of the build-up of lint she’d discover on the fan at the back of her machineCredit: Facebook/MumsWhoClean

Experts have previously warned about not cleaning your dryer regularly, insisting that a build up of lint can be a potential fire hazard.

A build up of lint can acually raise the temperature in the drum, and is a common cause of household fires around the world.

So when a burning smell alerted this woman to a potential fire, she decided to investigate.


Posting in the Australian Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, the woman said she regularly cleans the front of the dryer but she was unaware that dust could also collect in the fan at the back of her machine.

She reportedly wrote: “I accessed this fan through the back of my dryer, I took off the back plate, took off the belts, stabiliser and back drum plates, many swear words were spoken.”

Snaps of the mountain of dust triggered an alarming response from group members, according to Mail Online Australia, many of whom noted how lucky she was to have spotted it when she did.

“That’s a huge fire hazard,” one pointed out.”This is a way better outcome than what could’ve been.”

Another said: “Wow that was a fire waiting to happen. I will have to look at mine now.”

Others expressed their concern after mistaking teh pile-up of dust for something else, particularly pesky rodents such as rate or mice.

“OMG, I thought it was mice,” said one, while a third added: “I thought it was a bunch of dead rats.”

Excess lint can be dangerous and can easily start a fire


Excess lint can be dangerous and can easily start a fireCredit: Facebook/MumsWhoClean
The woman noticed a burning smell before finding the mountain of lint


The woman noticed a burning smell before finding the mountain of lintCredit: Facebook/MumsWhoClean

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