Music News: Tony Bennett Retires at 95, Nanci Griffith Dies at 68

Tony Bennett has basically retired at age 95. LOL. First of all, how many people live to be 95? Then, how many performed at Radio City Music Hall on their 95th birthday, and then two nights later? Um, no one.

So really, what can you say? Tony’s devoted son and manager, Danny, says that’s it, and that’s it. Tony has Alzheimer’s, but he can still do a little singing, see friends, enjoy his life.

His album with Lady Gaga comes out on October 1st. Everyone should have the accolades of Tony Bennett. What a life! What a career! He doesn’t need to be shlepping around airports and hotels touring.

On a sadder note, folk-country performer Nanci Griffith was not that lucky. Her death at age 68 was announced yesterday, no reason was given. Griffith had a wonderful career, was incredibly talented, and beloved. She was a singer’s singer.

Nanci recorded “From a Distance” before Bette Midler, who had the hit with it. Such was her story. Here she is from the original David Letterman show. Rest in peace.


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