Musician Shot on Stage During Concert

In a frightening turn of events, a Zydeco musician was recently shot on stage while performing during a concert. According to an AP report from July 31, Chris Ardoin was the headliner of the Zydeco Bike Fest, which was held in Colfax, Louisiana and featured a number of other performers as well. His wife, Kerri, took to her husband’s Facebook page after midnight on Saturday to share that her husband had been injured and was receiving medical care.

“Yes, unfortunately tonight he did get shot in the back on his right side while on stage,” Kerri wrote. “Doctors said thankfully he’s a built guy. The bullet didn’t penetrate his lung and stopped near his ribs. We are currently in the hospital. Please keep him in your prayers and will update you all later!!! Thanks.” Following the incident, AP stated that the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office reported receiving calls about gunfire. Two individuals carrying weapons were taken into custody but, at the time of the news report, no details regarding their identities or possible involvement were shared.

In a social media post on Aug. 6, Ardoin gave his fans and followers an upset on his condition, exclaiming that he was “bouncing back!” He added, “Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes!!! Greatly appreciated!!! Waiting to see about getting this bullet extracted or if it’ll have to stay, so I’ll be out a few more weeks. One inch…and we have a totally different outcome! A lot of changes going forward!!”

Ardoin offered another update on Aug. 12, revealing that the “bullet is out!” He continued, “Thank you to Dr. Michael Horaist here in Lafayette. Recovery is going great. Again thanks to everyone who sent prayers, people showing love at traffic lights, stores I’ve been to lately, mail carriers & delivery drivers writing notes on packages etc… greatly appreciated!!! With all the festivals being cancelled, not sure of a return date as of yet!!”

Ardoin then encouraged his fans and followers to keep the other person who was struck by a bullet in their thoughts. “Also, let us not forget the minor also injured that night,” he wrote. “Was informed by his family that his bullet was also removed and recovery is going well!!!!”

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