My 18-month-old daughter won’t stop screaming

A SINGLE mom is at her wit’s end as she has found herself evicted from her apartment because of her daughter.

She described her toddler as “spoiled” who will then scream whenever she doesn’t get something.



A woman was pleading for help as her toddler won’t stop screamingCredit: Getty

SHe was being threatened to get evicted because of her daughter


SHe was being threatened to get evicted because of her daughterCredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, the mom who wanted to remain anonymous while venting about her situation, shared: “My 18-month-old just won’t stop screaming. She screams this awful high-pitched blood-curdling scream all day and I’m at wit’s end.

“I want to just run away, I don’t even know how to deal with her anymore. She’s so spoiled, she screams for absolutely everything and is always jumping around, throwing herself about the place, and screaming.

“She is constantly at risk of hurting herself.”

The overwhelmed mom continued: “She does it at night and will just scream for hours till the early hours of the morning, it’s gotten so bad we’re being evicted from our home because the neighbors can’t stand the noise and because of my financial situation, I’m struggling to find another place to rent.

“I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s just the two of us and I have no breaks, it’s just a constant migraine and I just want to run away at this point I can’t take anymore.

“I’m beyond stressed out and constantly crying because of how stressful my life is and I just want her to stop screaming so I can think straight for just a second.

“She’s never hungry when she’s screaming. If I try and pick her up or play with her, it’s usually met with violence. Twice I’ve ended up in the emergency room from her scratching my eyeball. I don’t even know if this is normal kid behavior, she’s my first and I didn’t expect this.

“I do love her dearly but I’m really struggling to cope and I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown, I just want to know how to stop her screaming.

She then added to further clarify her situation: “I forgot to add this before out of exhaustion, my landlord is my next-door neighbor and a teacher, so I can understand that the noise is affecting their job performance and I really try to keep it to a minimum.

“However, they have complained a few times. My tenancy is due to end in around 4 months and because of Covid, where I live in the U.K., landlords are required to give four months notice, so they came to me a couple of months ago saying I could break the lease early if I find a new place.

“Otherwise, they would be giving me notice four months before the end of my lease because they want me out.

“They try to claim the place was advertised as no kids when I moved in while I was visibly pregnant, however, the place was even advertised with a nursery.

“I honestly understand they are exhausted too and wanting to be kept up by a baby at night is the last thing they want, and I’m desperately trying to keep her quiet not to disturb them and failing miserably.”

A mom had previously revealed how she deals with her son throwing tantrums and lashing out at her.

In her video titled Correcting Hitting, Megan was holding her 8-month-old son while she read.

The tot was sitting on the counter while she held him close when suddenly, he turned to her and hit her square in the face with a bag of food.

He continued to hit her, demanding her attention, until she grabbed his chubby hand in hers.

She told him: “I won’t let you hit me,” adding that this sets a boundary between them.

The green-haired mom then grabbed his bag of food and hit it against the counter, while he stared at it.

She redirected to something he could do instead but clarified she was not distracting him.

As to why she was recording, she claimed that he had been hitting her for some time and she wanted to give mamas a lesson on how she redirects her baby.

“He tried hitting me with it one more time after this and each time, after corrections, his hits got less frequent.”

The mom revealed she's at her wit's end


The mom revealed she’s at her wit’s endCredit: Getty
Mom shows how to handle kids hitting during a tantrum – and exactly what you SHOULDN’T do too


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