My 600 Lb Life Season 10 OFFICIAL Release Date Announce by TLC

Good news for My 600 Lb Life fans! It looks like the TLC fan favorite is returning from a hiatus pretty early. Even though the network has been holding back a little on what fans can expect, TLC definitely announced a release date.

Things got a little uncertain when Megalomedia got into a lot of legal trouble. Castmates committing suicide and plenty of them accusing the company of the lack of what they promised, fans were a little uncertain about their being another season of My 600 Lb Life. Moreover, Covid-19 created a major blockage that didn’t allow the camera crew to stay in the cast members’ homes for filming.

Since the year 2016, the ninth season has run for the shortest time span. Due to the pandemic, the filming had to be altered. Only 13 episodes long season 9 disappointed the fans a little. But it looks like the early premiere date for season 10 will make up for it.

My 600 LB Life

Will There Be Extra My 600 Lb Life Episodes In Season 10?

Ever since My 600 Lb Life started, it gained massive popularity with each season. This also meant that the number of episodes in each season kept on increasing. Well, until the coronavirus pandemic impacted the filming schedule. Season 4 had 12 episodes followed by 14 in season 5, 16 in season 6, and 20 in season 7. TLC has also not given any update regarding My 600 Lb Life: Where Are They Now? The show usually starts a new season after My 600 Lb Life has fully aired all the episodes of a particular season.

According to The Futon Critic, Season 10 of My 600 Lb Life is supposed to hit the screen on Wednesday, November 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. So, it’s understood that fans won’t be able to witness any follow-ups on cast members until and around April. After the last season of My 600 Lb Life was truncated, fans are wondering whether there will be a season 10 at all.

One more time, another season of My 600 Lb Life is going to follow a journey with morbidly obese people fighting to save their lives with the help of Dr. Now. It’s a rollercoaster to watch their courageous decision of trying to undergo gastric bypass surgery. Needless to say, every cast member goes through intense emotional turmoil. The surgery, even though with high risk can be life-saving for them.

Even fans are happy to have their favorite show back on air. Although it looks like the company is still going to be on the radar for its controversies. Plenty of living and deceased castmates have accused them of not providing the reality TV stars with appropriate care and promised support. Let us know how you feel about TLC announcing the return of My 600 Lb Life in the comments below.


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