My best mate slept with my fiancé

A SCORNED woman has sent the internet in a frenzy by revealing the savage (and we have to admit brilliant) way she got back on her BFF who slept with her man. 

The fumming lass, who hasn’t been named, recruited top jeweller Liv Portillo to engrave a secret message onto a snake charm which she then gifted to her bestie. 


Jeweller Liv shared the cheating story onlineCredit: dbljewelry/TikTok
The woman was described as having 'snake energy' - we agree


The woman was described as having ‘snake energy’ – we agreeCredit: dbljewelry/TikTok

She requested that Liv, who goes by the username @dbljewelry, personalise the necklace with a very sassy message.

In a viral clip, the jeweller shared the message she received from the woman alongside the brutal request.

It read: “Just found out my fiancé cheated on me with MY BEST FRIEND. Her birthday is on July 11th and I am going to give this to her in front of EVERYONE. I used his card, don’t worry.”

After the name “Valentina” was added, a message was added to the other side.

It said: “Have my leftovers”.

People on TikTok were divided on the message with one saying it was brilliant. “Damn I wish we could see her reaction,” she said. But others said they wouldn’t waste cash on a cheater – although it emerged she used his card to pay for the gift.

The message which came with the request


The message which came with the requestCredit: dbljewelry/TikTok

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