My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore struggles with infertility

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore struggles with infertility. In a trailer for tonight’s episode, fans see her weigh her options for having a baby. Keep reading to find out more.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star discusses options for having a baby

Ahead of tonight’s (September 28), TLC releases a teaser trailer for My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Whitney and her friends are getting pedicures. The conversation seems light until the TLC star brings up her upcoming doctor’s appointment. Whitney explains that she has one more ultrasound to go to. After that, she and her doctors will figure out if she’s able to freeze her eggs or not.

Enthusiastically, her friend Heather says that she would “love to go” to Whitney’s appointment with her. Then, it seems like things get kind of tense and awkward. It doesn’t seem like Whitney and her friend had this conversation beforehand. The reality television star tells Heather that she can talk to her doctor about being her surrogate.

Whitney Thore’s other friend, Ashley, seeks confirmation about this idea from Heather. “I say yeah, but I’m also like kinda scared about it too. Like I’m not real sure,” says Heather. Which prompts Whitney to ask Ashley about her uterus. Ashely responds that her uterus is “used, abused, and confused.”

Things get heated between friends

Then the conversation gets tense. It seems like Heather assumes that Whitney is about to call her out about her reservations. So, quickly Heather chimes in with the fact that she didn’t say no. But really, Whitney finds it interesting that Heather would say yes and Ashley would say no. From Ashley’s point of view, she shares that she feels like Heather doesn’t understand how big of a deal it is because she said yes.

Ashley goes on to share that being pregnant is hard. However, there seems to be more to it than that. Furthermore, Ashley shares that it’s about “emotional things.” She says even though she would “logically know” that the baby is Whitney’s. Ultimately, Ashley explains that if she carried Whitney’s baby, she doesn’t know that she could just hand it over. She tells Whitney that she would want to “be a part of things way more than what [Whitney] would want her to be a part of things.”

After that, Heather expresses some of her concerns about being Whitney Way Thore’s surrogate. All of the friends feel like Whitney will just up and move. None of them seem like they want to be more than 50 miles away from the TLC star and her theoretical baby. Whitney makes it seem like if she wants to move, she’s going to move. At this point, Heather feels like she would be too bonded to the baby for it to go too far away.

As the caption points out, Whitney Way Thore confirms that she’s “put all of her eggs in Heather’s basket.” By the end of the trailer, everyone seems frustrated when it comes to the thought of surrogacy.

What do you think about Whitney Way Thore and her plan to have a baby? You can watch the clip for yourself here. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to check back with TV Shows Ace for more My Big Fat Fabulous Life news. Tune in to TLC tonight for a new episode at 10/9c.


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