My bloke missed the birth of our child after he went to McDonald’s

A MUM has revealed how her partner missed the birth of his own son after he nipped out to get McDonald’s.

TikTok user athome_withjaxon shared her horrifying labour experience with her followers – and the video has since gone viral, amassing over 75,000 views.



TikTok user athome_withjaxon revealed that her dad had to be her birthing partner after her ex missed her labourCredit: @athome_withjaxon/Tiktok

She explains that her child's father had popped out for a McDonald's


She explains that her child’s father had popped out for a McDonald’sCredit: @athome_withjaxon/Tiktok

Speaking in the clip, she explained: “He went to McDonald’s, came back, ate his McDonald’s in front of me because I wasn’t allowed to eat incase I had a c-section.

“He then went and fell asleep in the waiting room when I went down for a c-section and my dad was then my birthing partner.”

Viewers were left outraged by the story, with many quick to wonder whether the mum was still with the deadbeat dad.

Reassuring her followers in a follow-up video, the mum said: “I’m not with him, I wasn’t with him at the time of my son’s birth either.

“We were together four years and married for 14 months.

“I was six months pregnant when he decided that he just didn’t love me any more and didn’t want to be with me.”

The mum’s videos were flooded with messages of support from other single mums, with many sharing their own ridiculous labour stories.

One wrote: “Mine was asleep on the sofa while I was having contractions… I actually threw a hairdryer at him to wake him up.”

A second added: “He gagged when they asked if he wanted to cut the cord.”

While a third revealed: “My ex went on a three day bender after I gave birth.”

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