My boyfriend ghosted me after three years, he just took his stuff and went… so I took some steps to get my own back

A WOMAN has revealed that a man who she had been dating for almost three years ghosted her at the end of their relationship – and he never told her why.

Posting a video online, 26-year-old TikTok user Madison said that while he broke her heart, she got her own back.


A woman on TikTok has shared a story about her ex ghosting herCredit: @mostdefnotmads/Tiktok

Madison has shared details of the breakup, which happened two and a half months ago, in various videos on the app.

“In my last video, I mentioned the first thing I did was change all of the passwords to Netflix and Hulu and all of that,” she said.

“The next thing I did was tell my mum that he broke up with me and didn’t tell me why.

“Right after the break up I thought he was going to come back and apologise and I might have taken him back. But I knew if my mum knew what he did, he’s dead to the whole family.”


Madison made sure to tell her mum exactly what happened, ensuring he couldn’t weasel back into their lives.

She texted her: “[His name] will not be coming up this weekend because we broke up. He broke up with me, no I do not know why, he just got all of his stuff out of the apartment, no I will not be taking follow up questions at this time. Please don’t call me because it will make me cry.”

Madison went on to explain that the weekend in question was her birthday, which her ex broke up with her four days before.

“So that was fun. That was a fun birthday this year,” she said.

In another video she uploaded, Madison revealed one of the red flags she should have noticed in the relationship.

She said that whenever they had an argument she would want to settle it immediately, while her ex would need space and then come to talk about it later.

“This was good in theory but for the last year of our relationship did not work at all. What he would do is get mad at me for something but then not tell me what it was,” Madison explained.

“Somehow I was manipulated into apologising to him for all of my behaviour because I didn’t know what it was exactly that upset him. I had to beg him not to give me the silent treatment.

“One time he got mad at me and I didn’t know why so I asked him ‘why are you mad at me and I kept asking him. I said ‘I’ll give you space just tell me why you need space’ and his response was to snap his PlayStation headset in half, throw it across the room and put a f***ing hole in the wall.”

Viewers were quick to share their support in the comments and opened up about similar experiences they’ve had.

“Sounds like the trash took itself out,” one person said.

“You seem like you’re doing okay! I hope you are. . One time, I got broken up with on Christmas. Like who does that on a bank holiday.”

A third person added: “My ex broke up with me a week before I was supposed to move in with him. It was so fun telling everyone I know why I’m no longer moving.”

Madison shared the text she sent her mum


Madison shared the text she sent her mumCredit: @mostdefnotmads/Tiktok

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