‘My boyfriend pays the rent for our house but he doesn’t know I’m the landlord’

A woman has split the internet after she revealed that her boyfriend has been paying rent and bills for their house – without knowing she is the owner of the property.

Jaynee mentioned in a TikTok video that she and her partner have been living at the house for about a year now.

Filming from inside her car, she explains: “He pays the rent and all the major bills.

“Little does he know I’m the landlord and owned this place for five years now.

“So his direct deposits are going straight to me.”

Her video has been viewed 1.3 million times since being posted on Thursday (September 2) and it has received a mixed reaction.

Jaynee said she moved in a ‘new’ place with her boyfriend for about a year and he paid for the rent and all the major bills

She asked: “Do y’all think he’ll be mad?”

One criticised: “That’s so wrong. Shows you’re just using him. Poor guy.”

“It’s the fact that he has never met his landlord for me,” another wrote while a third added: “Deceitful, maybe. But off the top he has to pay rent anyway so low key it’s a fair trade.”

Some supported Jaynee and said it was security to her own finance if the relationship ends.

Some viewers said it's a safety net for her finance but others said it's deceiving
Some viewers said it’s a safety net for her finance but others said it’s deceiving

A viewer said: “Sis you cracked the code we didn’t know we needed, bow down to you.”

“I’m screaming with laughter, you’re brilliant,” a second penned.

It comes after a landlord with three properties was forced to live out of her car with her daughter after her tenants claimed for rent relief and refused to pay her.

Brandie LaCasse was in debt of more than $23,000 (£16,000) unpaid rent and she couldn’t evict her tenants because of the eviction ban implemented by the state government.

Apparently her boyfriend had no idea that she is the house owner
Apparently her boyfriend had no idea that she is the house owner

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The single mother was left with no income and no place to live during the pandemic and had to turn to her friends for help.

“I don’t understand how they can give my private property to somebody to live for free. I bought that property. I fixed it up with my blood, sweat and tears,” she told CBS in an interview.

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