‘My cruel mother-in-law says my baby inherited all her negative traits from me’

A mum has been left in despair over a series of cruel comments from her mother-in-law, who continuously said her grandchild must’ve gotten her bad traits from her daughter-in-law

The mother-in-law made a habit of the cruel comments (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Any mum will tell you that carrying around a baby for nine months and delivering that child into the world is incredibly hard – but the real struggles happen when it comes to being a parent.

As if being a parent isn’t difficult enough, it seems as though everyone has an opinion on every single thing you do, and sadly, they’re not always nice opinions.

This is something one mum has learned the hard way, after her own mother-in-law made a series of cruel jabs about her eight-month-old daughter.

“My husband was a very well behaved, quiet kid. Everyone from my in-law’s side of the family tells me that he was super calm, didn’t cry or throw tantrums, always sat in the right spot and was never picky about food,” the 25-year-old mum explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“My daughter was born looking a lot like my husband, so my mother-in-law was expecting her to be like him, except she isn’t. She is well behaved but she cries and she can be picky sometimes, you know, like a NORMAL baby.”

However, whenever the little girl shows any of these traits deemed to be negative, such as crying, the woman’s mother-in-law can’t help but make rude remarks, suggesting she inherited them from her mum. Meanwhile, any behaviour deemed positive, the woman implies she got them from her dad.

The mum continued: “I’ve been sucking it up ever since she was born but it kinda’ hurts. When my daughter started solids and didn’t like certain foods, my mother-in-law said, ‘well, my son always ate whatever was offered to him so its from your side of the family.’

“When my daughter cries or throws tantrums, she says, ‘oh my son wasn’t like that. He never cried. You probably cried a lot when you were that age.’ When my daughter developed a habit of putting toys in her mouth, ‘all of my sons never put a grain in their mouth like that’.”

So, you can appreciate why after eight months of listening to “countless little ‘harmless’ comments” the woman had enough, and decided to take her child and leave.

She said: “My daughter has recently started to grab furniture etc and started getting up on her own, but mother-in-law said, ‘my son was walking on his own at this age. You were probably a slow walker and that’s probably why she cant do it.’

“I flipped out and told her to stop associating all of my kid’s negative traits on me and the positives on my husband. I told her its rude and grabbed my kid and went to my place.”

Fortunately, the woman’s husband leapt to her defence, but she has since been bombarded with messages from various members of her in-law’s family who have accused her of overreacting, while telling her that her mother-in-law is in tears.

The woman then turned to Reddit to question whether others thought she was justified for lashing out at her mother-in-law over the comments.

“What a narcissist. Let her sit there and cry,” one Reddit user commented. “She’s upset she got called out and is now trying to guilt trip you. Information diet and restricted access until she can respect your boundaries.”

Another added: “I doubt your husband was as ‘good’ (who uses that as a term about a baby?) as mother-in-law claims. Your baby sounds like they are well within the normal ranges for what a baby should be doing.

“Side note: make sure your husband calls his family out more often for these types of things. It shouldn’t get to you exploding for him to make a comment.”



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