My dad and stepmum have made up a ‘work policy’ to get out of coming to my wedding, they only told me two weeks ago

A BRIDE-TO-BE has revealed that her stepmum and father have concocted a fake ‘work policy’ so that they don’t have to go to her upcoming wedding.

Posting a video to her TikTok account, a woman said she received the news over text.


A woman has revealed her father and stepmother won’t be coming to her weddingCredit: Tiktok

In the clip she uploaded she shared screenshots of the conversation between her and her stepmum, which took place two weeks before the special day.

Her stepmum wrote: “Bad news… new policy at your dad’s work. If you go out of state you have to quarantine for 10 days after.

“Due to the fact that he can’t go for 10 days without pay we won’t be able to come to the wedding.

“If you still want to come up this summer we would love to have a reception with you guys with the family.”

In the exchange, the bride-to-be then asked when her dad would be home so she could speak with him.

“He is already upset about this so is there something you want to say?”

The woman responded: “I’ll speak to him myself.”

People were divided in the comments, so the soon-to-be bride uploaded more videos to explain the situation in full.

“I completely respect Covid policies… I was upset initially about the delivery, that my stepmum texted me to tell me my dad wasn’t coming to my wedding two weeks before my wedding and didn’t want me to talk to him about it,” she elaborated.

“The reason I know it’s not real is because my cousin did some digging for me. A little bit of back story, my cousin lives on the same property as my dad, I assumed they’d all ride down together because we do live in a different state. She turned into a little investigator for me.”

She went on to explain that her cousin reached out to a few people she knows who works for the same company to get to the bottom of the situation.

She found out that they had recently left the state and weren’t told to quarantine.

The TikToker said when she finally was able to get in touch with her dad, he told her that he was contacted by HR.


“When I expressed how sad I was that we wouldn’t have a father-daughter dance or he wouldn’t walk me down the aisle he didn’t seem as remorseful as I would have expected,” she said.

“He more or less apologised but didn’t seem hurt that he would miss the moment which has changed my opinion of him.”

The woman explained that she’s “made a lot of excuses for him” throughout her life and that the situation has been a wake-up call.

“My mum and several family members have tried to talk to him, tried to lend him some support to see if he could make it and he doesn’t seem interested,” she said.

“He hasn’t tried to reach out to me, he didn’t ask HR if there were any other options, he didn’t ask if he could live stream it or anything like that.

“I never in a million years thought he would not show up.”

In another video, the TikToker responded to a comment that said “I think we’ve got a case of the evil step monster.”

The woman explained that her stepmother’s attitude changed when she found out that the bride’s stepfather would be walking her down the aisle alongside her father.

“Both her and my stepdad have been in my life for over 20 years. My two parents got divorced when I was nine months old so these people have been additional parents to me, have supported me, have been a part of my life my whole life and I have always treated them that way,” she said.

“So when that switch happened, every time I mentioned something about the suit my dad needed to wear she got very angry about it or didn’t respond or if I said I’d pay for it, there was always something she was unhappy about or had an excuse for.”

People threw their support behind the woman in the comments.

“If he didn’t give up 10 days of pay to go to your wedding then it doesn’t matter if it’s a real policy or not,” one person said.

“He would be dead to me. End of. No one would stop me from going to my kid’s wedding, I’d fight HR if I had to. If he wanted to… he would,” said another.

“Prepare yourself. This is how things started when my stepmum wedged herself between my dad and me. As a result I haven’t spoken to him since 2008,” a third person commented.

A fourth person added: “You deserve the world, love. The family that cares will be there. It’s his loss. Have a beautiful wedding!”

The shared the texts she exchanged with her stepmum on TikTok


The shared the texts she exchanged with her stepmum on TikTokCredit: Tiktok

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