My dad cheated on mum with my best friend… we all worked together and mum outed them in front of everyone

A WOMAN has aired her family’s dirty laundry online, revealing that her father cheated on her mum with her best friend.

Posting to TikTok, 23-year-old Diana explained how her family found out that he had been unfaithful.

While she said she is no longer angry at her dad, she said it was nobody’s fault except for his and there ‘was definitely an unfair power dynamic.’

Diana explained that she used to work full time in high school at a family business, where all of her family worked – and she was also homeschooled.

“I didn’t really have many opportunities to make friends other than at work which explains why she was one of my best friends even though she was three years older than me,” she said.

Diana gave her former best friend the fake name Gretchen while retelling the story.

“So Gretchen and I were super close because we worked together all the time. At one point, I think she had a crush on me, and I rejected her, so she decided to go for my dad instead,” the 23-year-old explained.

“I actually knew my dad was cheating on my mum before I knew that it was her. My mum found out my dad was cheating, and she made him tell us that he did something and he did something bad.”

Diana went on to say that she can’t point out any tell-tale signs that it was Gretchen her father was cheating with but said there were a lot of ‘little things that gave it away.

She even had multiple people in her life trying to tell her it was Gretchen all along subtly, but Diana refused to believe her former friend would betray her like that.

“Bless my mum’s f***ing heart, she came into work and yelled at this girl in front of the entire restaurant,” she said.

“But despite her best efforts, cheaters are going to cheat, and they kept having an affair and kept seeing each other.”

Diana then went on to show a variety of pictures of her mum before adding: “You could be gorgeous, but if they want to cheat, they want to cheat.”

While Diana said she didn’t speak to her father for three years after the divorce, they are now on speaking terms, and he is no longer with Gretchen.

Diana added that her mother is ‘thriving’ and is happily married to someone new.

People were hooked on the story in the comments, sharing their thoughts on the situation.

“She was supposed to be your best friend but knowingly did something that would tear your family apart. Put them both in a home,” one unimpressed person wrote.

“I would never speak to him again. I don’t know how you do it,” said another.

Someone else added: “Glad you were doing better and moved on from that. I’m happy your mum found love again.”

While most commenters supported Diana and her mum, others were on the father’s side.

“He was just having fun, no harm,” one person said.

“What an absolute legend,” a second commenter wrote.

Diana said even though her mum is gorgeous she was still cheated on


Diana said even though her mum is gorgeous, she was still cheated onCredit: @diana.j.t/Tiktok

Diana's mum is now happily married to someone new


Diana’s mum is now happily married to someone new credit: @diana.j.t/Tiktok

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