‘My ex begged for a second chance after cheating – so I charge him £200 to chat’

A student came up with a great way to make her “cheating” ex pay – literally.

Haley Pierce is charging her former flame £200 per week just to chat to her.

The 20-year-old claims she ended the two-year relationship after catching her boyfriend using Tinder to chase other women on her birthday.

He boasts he’s 6ft 5in on the dating app, which apparently isn’t even true.

There were also messages to women saying things like: “‘Hey! You’re so cute I forgot my pick-up line”.

And to make matters worse, the “loverat” apparently even used pictures that Haley took of him.

Haley Pierce is charging her ‘cheating’ ex-boyfriend £200 PER WEEK to stay in touch with her

Despite allegedly sending flirty messages to others while they lay beside each other in a hotel, her ex begged for her forgiveness.

In a video, he pleads “please” and calls himself “such a f***ing idiot”.

Haley shared the cringey clip on TikTok, where it’s garnered more than 4.4 million views.

She’s also had the last laugh because she blocked her ex and charges him $300 (£218) a week to contact her.

He apparently pays this through money transfer app CashApp, which allows him to send notes with the payment.

Determined to turn a negative situation into a positive one, jobless Haley plans to use the money to buy herself meals and support herself financially.

Haley Pierce is charging her 'cheating' ex-boyfriend £200 PER WEEK to stay in touch with her
The cash is coming in handy for the jobless student

Haley, from Kansas City, Missouri, said: “When I told him we were done, he started freaking out and that’s why I started recording it. He was hysterical and saying so much crazy stuff.

“I have no sympathy for him in that video. I was just feeling angry. It was trying to manipulate me.

“I recorded it so I could show everyone what he’s done and that he’s not the perfect guy everyone thinks he is.

“Out of nowhere I got this gut feeling about something and I asked him to tell me what he’s done. He told me he’d added someone on Snapchat so then I asked to log into his Tinder on my phone.

“When I looked I saw all the messages he’d been sending and that he even was sending girls messages on my birthday.

“I blocked him on everything. The next day he bought me cheap flowers, chocolate and a stuffed animal I already had, but it didn’t work.”

Haley Pierce is charging her 'cheating' ex-boyfriend £200 PER WEEK to stay in touch with her
Haley exposed her “cheating” ex on TikTok

Haley added: “He called me from his brother’s phone and said ‘I’ll give you all my money’, so I told him to send me $300 and I’ll have a talk with him, so he did.

“Now he’s paying me that much per week just to stay in contact with him. At first I only allowed him to speak to me through CashApp but then he offered to start buying me food.

“I don’t have a good source of income at the moment, so honestly I’m just using him to buy me food. A couple of days ago he took me to the mall and he spent another $300.

“We used to cook at home, but he’s been buying me every meal. He’s trying to get back to me by paying me, but I’ve already told him the second I don’t need him anymore I’m done.

“It’s been hard to leave but at this point I don’t even care. How much of a scumbag do you have to be to cheat on your girlfriend of two years.

“I’m going to carry this on until I get a steady income. Like if I get a job or I’m able to be an influencer on TikTk. That’s when I’ll cut off all ties.”

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