‘My ex turned up at my house and he’s getting married tomorrow – do I tell his wife?’

The day before the wedding can be nerve racking, with some risking it by going out on their stag do the night before.

But the lad in this story took things to extreme lengths by turning up at his ex’s house.

A woman posted on Reddit that her ex drunkenly turned up on her doorstep before his big day, which left her with a big dilemma.

Explaining their history, she revealed: “ I was with my ex for 2 years. It was not the best relationship and we broke up because I moved for uni and just didn’t want to be with him anymore.

“It has been almost 5 years since we broke up and I am engaged to be married to my fiance who is absolutely my soul mate.”

With her previous relationship behind her, the woman got a blast from the past when her ex came knocking on her door.

A worried woman took to Reddit for relationship advice

She continued: “Yesterday evening at around 10pm he rang our doorbell drunk. His bachelor party was in the city I live in and he came ‘to see me’…

“When my fiance opened the door my ex just started sobbing saying that he couldn’t believe my fiance was real.”

Met with the shock, the kind-hearted woman took her former flame into the flat before he “vocally vomited and then actually vomited in our bath.”

After sending her ex away in an Uber, the woman couldn’t shake what had just happened.

She added: “What I could gather is that he was still very hurt because of our break up, that he thinks that we could have made it work. He regrets treating me badly.”

drunk man
The Redditor’s drunk ex put her in an awkward position

She was left with a dilemma she didn’t think she would ever be in.

The Redditor said: “I was left with a weird feeling. Almost dirty.

“I am thinking of contacting his soon to be wife. Or should I call him to encourage him to tell that to his fiancee? Or should I not do anything and let this just be an anecdote for my future?”

Reddit users offered some much needed advice to the woman, with many being split on what action to take.

One Reddit user urged the woman to tell the bride to be: “Put yourself in his wife’s shoes. Would you want to sign your life away to this person.”

However, another user advised the original poster not to alert her ex’s new partner of his drunken antics, having commented: “You don’t want him and he seems to be happy with his wife. Why would you want to interfere with all that?”

The original poster provided an update: “I decided that contacting the bride was the wrong move because we are not friends. However, I sent his sister, an old friend of mine, a message basically saying to talk to her brother because he appeared at my door drunk and distressed and to make sure he was okay.”

The sister informed the woman that her “ex has been apparently acting a fool for a few weeks now leading up to his wedding.”

The Redditor added: “She asked me if I was okay and if her brother had gone back to the hotel room because they couldn’t find him. I told her he had taken an Uber home and had written to us that he had arrived in his room at around 11:30 pm.

“She thanked me again and I haven’t heard from her since.”

I guess we will never know if the ex made it to his wedding or ended up back on the doorstep he was the night before!

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