My ex’s new fiancee makes my son call her mummy and demands I run all photos of him by her

A MUM is furious after her ex’s new fiance starts acting like she’s the mother of her son.

The father of the mum’s son is engaged to another woman who now is requesting the child call her mommy and wants his actual mother to run photos of the child by her before posting online.


A mum has shared how she is annoyed at her ex’s new fiancé for acting like her child’s motherCredit: Getty – Contributor

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous mum explained that she was separated from her husband when she discovered she was pregnant, and now they co-parent her son, Christopher.

The mum has her son six days a week, and the boy stays with his father and her exs’ new fiancé on Saturday nights, however, the ex’s new partner has started treating the son as if he is her own child.

“She is trying to teach Chris to call her Mommy even though that is what he calls me ” the mum revealed.

She added: “She criticizes my purchases in baby products, calls me cheap and even tells me she should have part custody even though she and my ex aren’t even married.”

The mum added that her ex’s new fiancé, Jenevieve believe’s that the mum should request permission before sharing photo’s of Christoper online.

“Jenevieve had the audacity to tell me I can’t take a picture of MY baby without her permission,” she said.

“I gave birth to the baby and I take care of him for most of the week. The worst part is that she posts pictures of the baby and when she does, she makes it seem like he is her son” added the mum.

Adding to her frustration, the woman reveals that her ex-husband Ben does not intervene regarding Jenevieve behaviour, stating that his fiancé, is ‘just being nice and the mum is ‘being an ass’ about it.

In the comments section, many shared a similar opinion that her ex’s fiancé had taken things way too far, with some even advising her to check the legalities regarding her situation.

One person commented: “I would also check your state laws on parental alienation, it’s one thing to want to love the child of your partner, it’s another to pretend to be Mom when Mom is in the picture.”

“Jen should absolutely not be teaching Chris to call her Mom. On the other hand, you don’t want to alienate someone who is willing to love the child. I’d say, tread carefully” said another.

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A mum feel's her ex's new partner is overstepping


A mum feel’s her ex’s new partner is oversteppingCredit: Getty
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