My ex’s partner makes my son call her mummy and insists she approves photos of him

A woman asked for advice after her ex’s new fiancee left her fuming at an unreasonable list of demands, which includes approving photos of her son to post on social media

The pair have fallen out (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A mum was left fuming after her ex’s new fiancée started overstepping the boundaries of co-parenting.

After splitting up with her husband early last year, the woman says she has a good relationship with ex Ben.

Following the breakup, the woman, 28, discovered she was pregnant and the pair agreed to co-parent their son, called Chris.

Navigating parenthood after a split is never easy, but in this case, all the problems are being caused by Ben’s new fiancée.

Not only has she requested Chris call her ‘mummy’ but she also posts photos of him on social media as if she is his actual parent.


The mum asked for advice online

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Now she’s demanded Chris’s mum run photos by her before being posted on social media – and even said she should have custody rights.

Understandably, the woman has been left freaked out by these escalating demands – and took to Reddit for support.

She wrote: “Chris lives with me Sunday-Friday and on Saturdays, he stays with Ben.

“My husband’s new fiancé Jenevieve is acting like Chris is her son. She is trying to teach Chris to call her ‘mummy’ even though that is what he calls me.

“She criticises my purchases in baby products and calls me cheap and even tells me she should have part custody even though she and Ben aren’t even married.

“What pushed me too far was when I posted a picture of my baby. Jenevieve had the audacity to tell me I can’t take a picture of MY baby without her permission.

“I gave birth to the baby and I take care of him for most of the week. The worst part is that she posts pictures of the baby and when she does, she makes it seem like he is her son.

Adding to her frustration, the woman said ex-husband Ben thinks his fiancé is “just being nice.”

In the comments section, many warned the woman to consult a lawyer.

One wrote: “Talk to a family lawyer. And IMMEDIATELY start documenting everything she’s doing. Do not communicate directly with her or your ex anymore; do it all through text, email, or voicemail, so you have a record of what was said. Do not let her get away with any of this.”

“Jen should absolutely not be teaching Chris to call her mum. On the other hand, you don’t want to alienate someone who is willing to love the child. I’d say, tread carefully” advised another.

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