‘My fiancée humiliated my co-worker because she didn’t want her at our wedding’
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‘My fiancée humiliated my co-worker because she didn’t want her at our wedding’

An engaged couple have been left in turmoil after the bride-to-be ‘completely humiliated’ one of her fiancé’s good friends and co-workers because she didn’t want her to come to the wedding

The bride-to-be singled out one of her fiancé’s colleagues and uninvited her from the wedding

Planning a wedding involves a lot of hard work, but if you asked married couples which part of their big day caused the most arguments, they would undoubtedly say the guestlist.

With wedding prices so high these days, couples are often forced to make tough decisions about which friends and family members will make the cut, which can, of course, lead to some tricky conversations.

This is exactly what one couple found when they agreed to invite both of their co-workers – seeing as they’ve both worked at their place of employment for a while and get along really well with their colleagues.

Here’s where things get tricky. The bride-to-be, Amy, said she was more than happy with her fiancé inviting all of his colleagues, with exception of one woman called Tally, who happens to be close friends with her boyfriend.

Tally was left completely humiliated in front of her colleagues


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“When I asked why, she said she just doesn’t like her and finds our friendship uncomfortable, saying she thinks that Tally is the type of person to try to sway taken men and be the centre of attention,” the man explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“After talking some more to see where she got this idea, it turned out this was based on nothing but Tally’s looks as even Amy admitted that Tally is always very kind to her. But still, Amy is adamant about Tally not going and said that she makes her insecure.”

The man went on to say that “Amy is a beautiful woman,” so he can’t understand why she would feel so insecure about one of his female friends, but nevertheless he agreed not to invite her, so long as he could tell her face-to-face before the invites were sent out to avoid any embarrassment for her.

A week or so later, the man went into work and was instantly knew something wasn’t right, as Tally refused to speak to him and his other colleagues were ignoring her too. After making multiple attempts to ask her what was wrong, the man decided to call Tally’s boyfriend to ask what was up, but he was met with sarcasm.

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“It turned out a few days earlier Amy came to my work on my day off with invitations (I had no idea she even made them yet) and handed everyone an invite in front of Tally, then saying to Tally ‘you aren’t invited, women like you aren’t welcome’ which has sparked everyone suggesting she is my ‘other woman’,” the man explained..

“Since then she has been harassed by some guys at work and shunned by the women. She is now looking for another job.”

Unsurprisingly, he was furious to find out what his partner had done behind his back, telling her: “If we are really going to get married, get your insecurities in check and grow up.”

Since the fight, the man has been staying with a friend and the wedding plans have gone on hold – with the groom-to-be questioning whether they can really go ahead with the wedding at all.

“Amy is a bully, capricious, and jealous woman. I can’t imagine doing this at a professional setting. Or ever. Run,” one Reddit user warned.

Meanwhile, another wrote: “This jealous, vindictive woman showed you who she is. Amy is not an amazing woman, she is a petty, spiteful person that has done you a fantastic favour. Do what is best for your future.”

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