‘My fiancé’s family refuse to come to our wedding because I won’t change my dress’

A bride-to-be has revealed how her future husband’s entire family is now refusing to come to their wedding, after she got into a huge row with her mother-in-law over her wedding dress

It’s absolutely no secret that weddings can be extremely complicated, with long lists of societal expectations and ‘rules’ on what everyone should wear and how they should present themselves.

Not to mention, all of the above gets even more complicated by the fact you have two families coming together, who may have differing beliefs and opinions on which wedding traditions should and shouldn’t be adhered to.

However, there are many elements which remain up to the happy couple and them alone, such as bride choosing her own wedding dress and, of course, the guestlist – or so you’d think.

One couple has found themselves in a bit of a sticky situation, after a fall out between the bride and her future-mother-in-law led to the groom’s entire family refusing to attend.

The dispute started after the bride shared her wedding dress with her mother-in-law


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“I didn’t invite my mother-in-law wedding dress shopping because our relationship is awkward but I thought I’d show her a picture to make her feel included,” the bride explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, as per Tyla.

“My dress is a beautiful flowy beachy dress, but not technically a wedding dress and could be ordered in colour. I bought it from a small local boutique that we both love.”

She was left baffled, however, when her mother-in-law replied by telling her she couldn’t wear the dress, as she had bought the same piece in a mint green colour for her own 50th birthday party, which is two weeks after the wedding.

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The mother-in-law tried to ban the bride from wearing her dress


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“There is enough detailing that it is still clearly the same dress and she has the receipt to prove she got it first. Lavish birthday parties are a thing in our circle, so I know she has invested serious time and money in this party,” the bride continued.

“I said that I am still going to wear the dress, despite the fact I could easily return it with no loss, because I didn’t do this out of malice and I love it.”

The mother-in-law told her that if she wears the same dress to her own party, everyone will think she’s “pathetic and copying off her son’s wife,” to which the bride responded: “I’m sorry, but that’s not really my problem,” but she never could have anticipated what would happen next.

“Everyone has gone crazy since I said that. His entire side of the family and the friends she invited have all backed out of the wedding, so like 15 people and it will be noticeable. His sisters were supposed to be in the wedding party on his side but dropped out and have blocked him on everything,” she continued.

“His step-dad won’t talk to him and says he regrets raising him and he isn’t a real man because a real man would stand up for his mum. His bio dad is even on mother-in-law’s side, which doesn’t surprise me because they are good friends, but he called us up to shame us the other night.”

Unsurprisingly, the groom is hurting over the whole situation, and has tried calling his mum to work out a resolution between her and his future wife, to no avail.

“She said if I refuse to do the right thing the only answer is no one going to her party can go to the wedding. He tried calling my sister-in-law and found out she blocked him. He is mad at me now and feels like she had it first,” the bride added, before turning to Reddit for advice on whether she’s in the wrong.

“Honestly, I would reconsider marrying into a family that would bully me over a dress. I think you need to stick to your decision because it could mean constantly being bullied in the future over other small issues,” one Reddit user commented.

“With toxic in-laws, you have to put your foot down. If your partner doesn’t want to defend you from being attacked by his family, you’re much better off without him.”

Meanwhile, another disagreed: “The mother-in-law is right – she’s going to look like a deranged stalker if she wears the same dress as you for her party two weeks after the wedding.”

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