My Fierce Rival Crashed My Wedding and Took the Microphone, I Tensed Up – Story of the Day

I was over the moon on my wedding day until my fierce rival crashed the wedding and took the microphone. “Hi, everyone. Nobody invited me, but I’m here to talk about something very important,” she said as she began her speech. I tensed up.

The wedding was in full swing when my husband’s self-proclaimed lover, Mary, appeared in the festival hall. I became anxious. “Why did she come here? I told you several times not to invite her!” I told Tom angrily.

Tom gave me an awkward smile. “Calm down, darling. Such a trifle can’t affect our wedding!” he said.

My rival crashed my wedding | Photo: Shutterstock

“But Tom, I asked you!” I retorted.

“See, Jessica. I really didn’t invite her! I don’t know why she’s here!” Tom explained.

“Don’t lie, Tom, I know…” Before I could finish, the guests interrupted us. “KISS! KISS! KISS! WE WANT YOU TO KISS EACH OTHER! NOW!”

Tom and I held each other’s hands and kissed passionately until the toastmaster interrupted us. “It’s time for our bride to throw the bouquet. Let’s see whose wedding will be next!” he said.

The girls all stepped out of the festive table and formed a circle. I stood in the center of the circle.

As I positioned myself, I heard some girls talking about how I looked gorgeous in the snow-white dress I had dreamed of a month ago. I blushed. I still couldn’t believe it had finally happened. I had married my boss, a charming and wealthy businessman.

Soon, the girls parted and gathered in one place. Everyone raised their hands and prepared themselves to grab the bouquet and become the next person to get married. I turned my back on the girls and threw the bouquet.

When I turned back, though, I was surprised to see the bouquet in the hands of my rival, Mary. She looked at me and smiled, but I ignored her and walked away.

I hated to see the flower bouquet in Mary's hand | Photo: Unsplash

I hated to see the flower bouquet in Mary’s hand | Photo: Unsplash

The toastmaster continued his speech. “The girl who caught the bouquet, please come up to the microphone.”

Mary took a step towards the stage, lifting her purple gown. When she held the microphone in her hands, my heart skipped a beat. I was sure she would say something to ruin our wedding. I should have thrown her out of the hall!

The toastmaster looked at Mary and asked, “What’s your name, young lady? Please introduce yourself!”

The moment I saw Mary standing there to begin her speech, my whole life flashed in front of my eyes.

I was a little girl running along the river when I met my first love. His name was Micheal, and he was five years older than me. He was limping when I saw him that day. Maybe he’d strained his leg in some way.

I came to a halt beside the river and fixed my gaze on him. Suddenly, I saw he slipped and fell in the river. I cried at the top of my voice, and luckily a fisherman saw him and saved his life.

I ran up to Micheal to see if he was fine | Photo: Unsplash

I ran up to Micheal to see if he was fine | Photo: Unsplash

I ran up to Micheal and asked if he was okay. He took my hand in his and said, “Thank you for saving me. When I grow up, I’ll marry you.”

From that moment on, I waited and didn’t move away from Micheal. Even when he went to the army, I waited for him to return. And one day, he finally came back. I was eighteen by then.

“Oh, look, you haven’t forgotten me.” Michael had said, taking my hand. “So, will you marry me?”

Well, I had to, because I soon realized that I was expecting a baby. We had a low-key wedding, and soon, I moved in with Michael’s parents while our house was being built. They were quite nice to me. However, one day, when I was heavily pregnant, Michael didn’t return home.

I got up a couple of times during the night and went to the construction site, but he was nowhere to be seen. Worried, I ran over to my mother-in-law. “Michael is not home yet. I’m concerned,” I told her.

I was worried when Micheal didn't come home | Photo: Pexels

I was worried when Micheal didn’t come home | Photo: Pexels

She patted my head affectionately. “Oh, honey. That’s how everyone lives. Do you think my husband didn’t cheat on me? But later, he came to his senses. Tough it up, dear,” she advised.

However, soon, the whole town was buzzing that Micheal had an affair with Samantha. I couldn’t take it any longer. so when my daughter, Helen, was born, I moved in with my parents.

Micheal persuaded me to return twice, and each time, I did. But after a while, everything happened again, and this time it was worse.

Micheal now had multiple ladies in his life, not just one or two. Samantha, Vicky, Melinda … every time it was a new woman. I was done trying to make the marriage work, so I divorced him and never looked back again.

Due to that experience, I decided to get married out of convenience. But little did I know I’d actually fall in love.

I took up courses to join Tom's firm as a secretary | Photo: Pexels

I took up courses to join Tom’s firm as a secretary | Photo: Pexels

I contacted Aunt Catherine who lived in the city. She arranged for me to take office work courses and eventually work as a secretary in Tom’s firm. Because the former secretary got married and went on maternity leave, this happened at the perfect time.

The contender for this position, though, was Mary. She had already worked as an assistant secretary and was head over heels for her boss. Everyone knew about it, but Tom did not notice it.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy to win against Mary, but finally, it worked out. And now Tom and I are married. The only thing that worried me was that I didn’t tell Tom I had a daughter and an ex-lover.

I thought I’d talk about it when we had children. However, if Mary revealed everything right now, not only would Tom and my relationship be ruined, but I would also be humiliated in front of the guests.

Mary had conducted a background check on me when she learned that Tom and I liked each other. She knew everything that had happened back in my hometown. She never confronted me directly, but I learned that the lady knew everything about me through some people.

I was anxious as Mary approached the microphone | Photo: Pexels

I was anxious as Mary approached the microphone | Photo: Pexels

So, as she approached the microphone, my heart sank.

“Good afternoon everyone, my name is Mary. I’d been working for Tom for a long time. Nobody invited me here. But I came. I came to say…” she began her speech.

I held Tom’s hand tightly in anxiety and squeezed it.

Tom looked at me affectionately. “You don’t need to worry, Jess. I know everything. I know about your past,” he said.

I was taken aback. “Wait a minute, what? But how?”

I held Tom's hand in love rather than fear | Photo: Pexels

I held Tom’s hand in love rather than fear | Photo: Pexels

“We’ll talk about it later, Jess. And don’t worry, I’ve forgiven you already,” he said. I grasped Tom’s hand hard once more, this time out of love rather than fear of Mary.

“Go on!” he nodded to Mary.

Mary continued, “I came to say … words of greeting for you, Tom and Jessica. Be happy! And this is a gift from our team.” With that, she brought a big box into the hall.

As I opened the present, I whispered to Mary, “Did you come just to give us a gift?”

“Yes,” Mary answered. “I liked Tom a lot, but I know he loves you. So I really hope you guys stay happy forever.”

I leaned forward and hugged Mary. “You know, everyone says that I got married out of convenience. But I love him!”

Mary and I cleared the misunderstanding. | Photo: Pexels

Mary and I cleared the misunderstanding. | Photo: Pexels

“I know, Jessica,” Mary told me.

And this way, it had a happy ending. Later, I found out that Tom had fallen in love with me at first sight. And of course, he immediately investigated everything he needed to know about me.

He also had a conversation with my ex-husband when he came to ruin our relationship. But Tom fought for me. He didn’t pay attention to the rumors. He didn’t pay attention to the fact that I kept my past a secret. He wanted to be a loving husband and the father of my children. And he played the role extraordinarily well.

We had twins, Sam and Aaron, a year after we married, and Tom loved all of the children, Helen, Sam, and Aaron, unconditionally.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Matches are made in heaven. Tom and Jessica were meant to be together.
  • Relationships are built with love and trust and not necessarily by blood. The way Tom accepted Helen is a brilliant example of this.

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