‘My husband slept with his co-worker after I gave birth and blamed the baby’

Finding out your partner or spouse has cheated is always devastating, but one mum was left fuming after her husband came up with some lame excuses for being unfaithful.

Some of his reasons even blamed the baby for sleeping in their room or keeping his wife too busy.

The woman explained that her partner decided to have an “emotional affair” with his colleague when his wife was pregnant with their child.

This left her feeling “insecure” about the time they spent together.

However, when their daughter was born the father decided to take his affair to the next level and physically cheated on his wife.

His excuse? He was trying to help his colleague recover from a recent break up.

In a post on Reddit, the mum listed the “stupid” excuses her husband gave her when she confronted him about his affair.

She wrote: “My husband cheated on me with a woman from work. I had told him for months that I didn’t feel comfortable with their relationship.

“He made me feel like I was being jealous and insecure for no reason. I was pregnant at the time so I was already feeling insecure. I didn’t want to be a controlling spouse so I left it alone.”

She continued: “When our daughter was four months old, his ‘emotional affair’ became a physical one. Even though in the back of my mind I knew it was likely to happen, it still devastated me. Here are some of the stupid things he said made him cross that line:

“Because our baby shared a bed with us he didn’t get to ‘cuddle’ me as much.

“He was trying to help her with her breakup.

“They spent more time together than we did.

“I was tired because of the baby and I didn’t want to watch TV with him.”

The mother even explained that it was her husband who had wanted a baby, but he wouldn’t touch her in pregnancy because he thought it was “weird”.

Would you accept these excuses?
Would you accept these excuses?
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She added: “I just can’t get over how f***ing stupid it all is. To gaslight me for so long; to lie to my face; it just seems like such a waste of time.

“He was the one who wanted me to get pregnant. He didn’t touch me for most of our pregnancy because ‘it’s weird’. Our daughter deserves better.”

Social media users offered support to the mum, reports the Mirror.

One wrote: “You are 100% right, you and your baby deserve a hell of a lot better. Sending you affirmation, encouragement, and hope.”

And another said: “You and your daughter deserve better. Hopefully you’re thinking about divorcing now. File for it ASAP and ask also for spousal and child support.”

While a third posted: “I’m sorry you went through this. I hope you know that you are beautiful and you also deserve better, not just your daughter. And it’s not your fault.”

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