‘My husband won’t acknowledge our daughter – he claims we’re having a boy’

A mum-to-be was left fuming at her husband, who had wanted the couple to have a baby boy, after he falsely announced on social media that she was set to have a son

Becoming a parent is extremely hard – it’s a common joke that new mum’s and dad’s feel totally terrified leaving the hospital.

But it gradually gets easier, and many say that watching their child grow up is the best thing they’d ever done.

One woman is struggling, however, but it’s not because of her daughter, who she is set to give birth to soon.

Instead, her husband is causing problems – as he’s telling everyone that they are going to have a boy instead.

When confronted about this, he asked his wife to keep it to herself and give him some time to actually reveal the truth.

The mum-to-be was stunned at her husband’s reaction (stock image)



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Understandably, this hasn’t gone down well – and the new mum turned to Reddit asking for advice.

She wrote: “Ever since I got pregnant my husband’s been saying he wanted our first child to be a boy, I don’t know why.

“He never cared in the past and is the type who treats everyone equally. But his reason was that he was the first child (boy) in the family and so it would be lovely if we ‘followed the tradition’.

“Later I found out he was telling the family it was going to be a boy and that he had as a hunch and he was 100% certain and positive about it.

“He kept saying the same thing over & over I had to tell him to slow down because even if he didn’t know, he was going over the top and still giving the family false hope.”

The couple recently found out that they are set to have a baby girl, which the woman’s husband wasn’t pleased to hear.

Following the scan, he posted on Facebook that they are having a boy instead, prompting the woman to correct him, in her own announcement.

She added: “I announced that it’s a girl then called my husband out for lying to his entire side of the family.

“He apparently saw it instantly and came into the room looking angry [and] asking what I was doing.

“I asked why he lied to his family about our baby’s gender [and] he said it was just a “temporary lie” until he could slowly get them to think it’ll be a girl.”

Understandably, people were really unimpressed by the man’s reaction to the news that he is soon to have a daughter.

One wrote: “Your husband is being delusional, ridiculous, narcissistic and completely unreasonable. My hopes for him as a father are not high, and this is a huge red flag for your relationship.”

Another added: “This is actually really worrying for someone who is about to become a father to a girl. I would go at stay with family if I were you, no way I would be hanging around to listen to him gaslight me while I decided if I wanted to stay with him.”

A third added: “He’s making no sense. How the hell did he plan on convincing them it’s a girl after telling them that the ultrasound showed a boy? That’s completely illogical.”

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