‘My man missed the birth of our baby after going to McDonald’s – now he’s my ex’

A mum has told how the father of her child missed the birth because he went to go and grab a McDonald’s, before falling asleep in the waiting room

TikTok user reveals her partner missed child’s birth to go McDonald’s

It goes without saying that the birth of a child will always be one of the most magical moments in a parent’s life, no matter how traumatic it might seem at the time.

But, while most partners would stop at nothing to be by their baby mamma’s side throughout the entire process – you’d be surprised just how many expecting dads miss their child being born, for some of the pettiest reasons too, apparently.

One mum has told how her partner decided to take a trip to McDonald’s while she was in full-on labour, which sounds extremely risky.

But, while he did make it back to the hospital in time, he proceeded to eat the food in front of his starving baby mamma, who wasn’t allowed to eat in case she needed to have a caesarean section.

Taking to TikTok, the mum who goes by the username @athome_withjaxon, responded to a clip from two Aussie midwives talking about ‘dad behaviour in labour.’

“It’s when he misses the birth to validate the parking ticket for me,” one of the midwives said, before the mum chimed in.

“He went to McDonald’s, came back, ate his McDonald’s in front of me because I wasn’t allowed to eat in case I had a c-section,” she explained in the clip.

“He then went and fell asleep in the waiting room when I went down for a c-section and my dad was then my birthing partner. That’s what it is for me!”

That certainly is a lot to unpack. While many people commented on the clip concerned for how the mum was being treated by the father of her child, she later confirmed they are no longer together, because let’s face it, she deserves an awful lot better than that.

“I’m not with him, I wasn’t with him at the time of my son’s birth either,” she explained. “We were together four years and married for 14 months. I was six months pregnant when he decided that he just didn’t love me any more and didn’t want to be with me.”

And, it turns out that missing the birth of your child is actually fairly common for men, with many mums rushing to the comments section to share their own experiences.

“My hubby fell asleep on the floor and doctors had to wake him up when I went for my emergency c-section,” one mum commented, adding: “To be fair he hadn’t slept in 48 hours.”

Another wrote: “My ex went on a three-day bender while I was in hospital giving birth.”

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