‘My mother-in-law tried to poison me during my wedding reception’

A former wedding planner has been sharing wild stories from weddings she has worked on, including one where the groom’s mother attempted to poison the bride on the big day

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Wedding planner recalls clash with groom and mother

When it comes to weddings, we all hope our big day will run smoothly, but more often than not there can be some sort of drama that unfolds.

Perhaps a bridesmaid or groomsman will unexpectedly quit their role before the ceremony or a guest will get very drunk during the reception and cause a scene.

Other times it’s a relative that causes a stir and we’ve heard plenty about mothers-in-law turning up to ceremonies wearing white wedding gowns.

And occasionally things take a much darker turn and the groom’s mum tries to poison the bride.

This is the story one former wedding planner has shared on TikTok and she’s gone viral as a result.

The incident freaked the bride out (stock photo)


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The woman, named Callie, shared how she was working a wedding and going over all the deliveries and set up, everything looked fine until an unscheduled order from a bakery turned up before the reception.

The groom’s mum explained how she had ordered cupcakes to go with the wedding cake to ensure there was enough dessert for everyone.

Callie didn’t think it was a big deal, so they put the cupcakes out on the table, but all hell broke loose when the mother of the groom attempted to feed the bride one of the bakes.

It turned out the cupcakes were coconut and the bride was “severely allergic”.

Callie shared the story on TikTok



In her clip, Callie who posts under @_cal_cifer, told how the groom noticed the coconut on top of the cake and yelled at his mother: “Mum you know she’s allergic!”

She continues: “So at a wedding I worked, the future mother-in-law tried to give a cupcake covered in coconut to the bride who was severely, deathly allergic to coconut.

“Thankfully the groom noticed and didn’t let her eat it.

“So what happened afterwards? At least 15 seconds of dead air, nobody in the room moved.

“The groom is staring open-mouthed at his mum, the bride looks absolutely horrified and scared (I would be too) and the mother-of-the-groom, who literally just tried to poison her future daughter-in-law, doesn’t have a care in the world.

“And then the s**t hits the fan, the groom loses his mind, throws down the cupcake that he took from the bride, goes red in the face and just starts screaming at his mum.

“‘You are a terrible person, you have never been supportive of this relationship, this is a new low even for you, you could have sent her to the hospital, she literally could have gone into anaphylactic shock’, he literally just keeps going until the mother interrupts him, looks at him straight in the face and goes ‘accidents happen everyday dear’.

“And then this b***h goes back to her seat, gets her belongings and leaves the wedding. 110 per cent a sociopath.”

Callie’s clip garnered a lot of attention being watched over 900,000 times and getting more than 184,000 likes.

Thousands also took the time to comment and share their thoughts, with one person writing: “Oh she was absolutely trying to murder the bride…”

Another said: “Good husband!”

“That couple needs to change the locks on their home,” proclaimed a third.

Someone else added: “What in the monster in law?!”

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