My mum wore a white gown to my wedding so I told her to leave

A WOMAN has taken to Reddit to express her anger over her mum who wore a full-length white dress to her wedding.

The woman shared her story anonymously on the popular subreddit, AITA, to ask people whether she was in the wrong or her mum.

The woman kicked her parents out of her wedding when her mum turned up in a white dressCredit: Getty

In the post, the 25-year-old explains that she has never been on good terms with her parents and puts it down to her 45-year-old mum’s ‘princess complex’.

She says her father also plays into this, and when her college letter came through, her father congratulated her mum rather than her.

“Ever since I was a child I had to make my happy moments about my mother because she gave me ”the gift of life”.

“I had to get her presents on my birthday, my graduations, my most amazing moments in life.”

The woman also notes that her mum has always been obsessed with the men she was dating.

“she’s young-looking and has taken care of herself all these years, this has caused people to believe that we’re sisters instead of mother-daughter and she can’t stand it if anyone prefers me over her.

“Some of my boyfriends had broken up with me since they ‘realised they were in love with my mother’.

“I don’t know if she had cheated on my father with them or what and at this point I don’t care.”

After finishing college, she met her now husband, Allen, 26, and says it took her two years to finally introduce him to her parents.

When Allen did propose, she had to have no contact with them because Allen ‘had the audacity to not get her (mum) something on a day so special for her.’

She says when she finally began to plan her wedding it just made her sad and she realised she had been waiting for them to change and hoped her wedding could be the last chance to see that.

However, she called her parents a few months before the wedding day to ask her dad to walk her down the aisle and to offer to pay for their expenses.

When she also asked them to send a photo of their wedding outfits before they came, assuming her mums wouldn’t be appropriate, they fought her and told her she was being disrespectful.

In the end they did send her images of their outfits, her mum chose a blue/purple dress which she said yes to.

When the couple’s big day finally arrived, her mum was wearing an entirley different dress.

Instead of the blue dress she pictured, her mum turned up wearing a long white dress which the daughter describes as ‘very bridal looking’.

When the bride noticed the outfit change she asked her parents to leave and after her husband threatened to call the police, they did.

“After the party they sent me receipts of their flights, my mother’s dress and the hotel.

“I replied with a ”f**k you” and told them that since they tricked me into thinking that my mother had another dress, then I wouldn’t be paying them back.”

Pretty much everybody in the comment unanimously agreed that it was her parents in the wrong and not her.

“NTA: Your mum must have some low self esteem to try and attach herself to all of your accomplishments.” The user adds: “Great job on putting her in her place when she showed up wearing white at your wedding.”

Another user responded: “You made your expectations clear. Your mother chose to violate the most basic etiquette rule of weddings, and she deserved to miss out.”

A third user wrote: “If half of this is true you should not let these people back into your life. It’s sad but anyone who would do this to their daughter is horrible and dad is JUST as bad as mum for allowing it.”

She put her foot down and told them she wouldn't refund anything


She put her foot down and told them she wouldn’t refund anythingCredit: Getty

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