‘My neighbour started stripping for me and I don’t know what to do about it’

We all want to get on with our neighbours, but what happens when they start becoming a little too friendly?

One woman took to Reddit to share her dilemma after her neighbour began stripping for her.

She wrote: “I am that neighbour who has her t*tties out 24/7 so i am not here to judge but i experienced something peculiar last night.

“For context; I moved into this apartment a year ago and from my bedroom window you can see another apartment complex, its not super close but close enough to see people through their windows.

“I honestly don’t care about closing my curtains when I change therefore I am pretty sure my neighbours have seen me naked multiple times throughout the year.

She asked for advice on how to handle the situation

“I don’t do it intentionally though, i just don’t care if anyone sees me because it’s just human body. I am a huge believer that sex starts in brain and unless there is context behind a body I don’t get aroused from it, I just aesthetically appreciate it because human bodies are beautiful.

“With this mind, I have been very comfortable walking around naked in front of my windows for many years. I guess a neighbour of mine took this kind of personally because he decided to do something last night that i don’t know what to feel about.”

The woman said she was “looking aimlessly” out of her window when her neighbour from across the street, who she assumes is close to her, was in his room in front of his window.

She added: “We made eye contact for a while and then he started to strip while looking at me. I son’t know him at all so I was taken by surprise.

“I at first thought that he was changing and soon enough realised he was doing it for me. He stripped and started flexing (?) in front of the window holding eye contact. I was just laughing my a** off to the absurdity of the situation.

“He kept doing that for 10-15 minutes and then when I went inside away from the window he stopped.

“It’s the morning after now and whenever I go out the window to smoke he also comes near the window and just stands there. I honestly don’t know what to think of it but its super awkward and funny?

“I don’t feel violated or anything like that, I just want to know why he felt like doing something like this. Any ideas?”

People were quick to give advice as one told the woman: “Aggressively make eye contact and start putting on clothes next time you see him. Too many clothes.”

While another added: “He’s obviously been watching you for some time. He probably assumes you’ve been doing it for him, or at least for attention.”

A third chimed in: “He’s flirting with you in the hope that you act on what he’s doing.”

Many even encouraged the woman to get together with the neighbour if she fancied him.

One wrote: “Is he good-looking, approximately of the right age as you, well-adjusted and not dangerous or creepy? Then why not, maybe it can be the start of a love story.”

The woman replied by admitting that the neighbour was “good looking”.

What a story to tell your grandkids if it works out!

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