‘My nephew won lottery with ticket I bought him – now I want some of the money’

Winning the lottery is a huge deal.

So it’s fairly understandable why family members might ask for a portion of the money.

But in one woman’s case it was regarded as a joke when she asked for a slice of the action as her nephew won the jackpot.

Well, she did buy him the lottery ticket…

Writing on Reddit, the woman said: “I own my house and managed to scrape buy to pay my taxes and insurance with odd jobs.

“I love my nephew and can’t get by on the thought that I wouldn’t be able to get him a birthday present (Nov 3rd).

“I scraped together whatever change I could and bought him some lottery scratchers and holy s*** he actually won.”

Winning the lottery is obviously a huge deal

She added: “One was for about $50 [£36] which was cool enough but the second one was actually into the middle 5 figures.

“I mean life-changing money (I can’t say exactly how much because in our state lottery winners are all public record).”

She continued: “His parents (my sister and her husband) are very well off.

“My nephew has a fully funded college fund and every material thing he could ever want.”

The woman found out and asked her sister if it would be okay her nephew would give her at least three quarters of the winnings.

She added: “My sister asked if I was serious. I said I felt I was being very generous because I really need all of it.

“She actually hung up on me. I texted my nephew and I think he actually blocked me.

“Here’s the thing, I NEED this money. It’s a matter of me eating or not eating. He doesn’t.”

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Some people thought her actions were unacceptable

The woman ended the post by asking Reddit users if she’s an a**hole for hoping her nephew would share the winnings.

One wrote: “It was a gift. You don’t get to ask for part of someone’s gift.

“But still doesn’t mean you’re ‘generous’ for asking for only part of the gift. Sure ask them for help, but don’t ask for his gift.”

Another added: “3/4s??? You’re crazy. YTA. It was a gift.”

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Others had a little bit more sympathy given the fact she was struggling with money.

One said: “I completely understand where you’re coming from.

“You’re frustrated you pulled together this and someone more well off managed to win a load of money on the cards you bought.”


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