‘My toxic ex told me I shouldn’t eat more pizza because he’s seen me naked’

A woman has exposed her “toxic” relationship on TikTok and detailed how her ex-boyfriend body-shamed her when they were eating out.

Taylor Stein, from US, filmed herself smiling and laughing at the camera when she said: “When I was eating with my ex and went to grab a piece of pizza.

“And he said ‘you probably don’t need another, I’ve seen you naked’.”

To make light of the situation, the man allegedly justified his statement and said he was “just looking out for me”.

Taylor also added details in the comment: “For all those wondering he was in fact skinnier than me, I’m 110lbs (7st) and we never officially dated and he just gaslit me for seven months of hooking up.”

Taylor Stein said her ex-boyfriend made up an excuse to say he was just ‘looking out for her’

Viewers were enraged at her ex’s comment and some said they had had similar situations.

One said: “How I loathe when men think they can judge women, he’s the insecure one, not you. You are beautiful.”

Another wrote: “Girl you have the patience of a saint, I could never just be ‘talking’ to a guy for seven months.”

A third slammed the man and questioned where he got the audacity to make such comment, adding: “I would eat the entire pizza and the box right in front of his face after that.”

Taylor said she is about 110lbs and the man had been gaslighting her when they dated
Taylor said she is about 110lbs and the man had been gaslighting her when they dated

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Meanwhile, a woman has gone for an incredible transformation after being called a “fat b*tch” by her close friend.

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Another TikToker, Victoria, also hit back at trolls who made fun of her weight and appearance.

In her viral video, she proudly strutted down New York City in lingerie and wore a bold lipstick because she felt good about herself.

She even got a compliment from a woman walking past, who said: “You look amazing!”

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