My toxic mother-in-law brought my husband’s ex wife to our wedding

A BRIDE was left fuming after her mother-in-law turned up to her wedding with her husband’s ex-wife as her plus one.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained that her new husband’s mum believed that it was ‘her right’ as she had paid for the wedding.

A bride was fuming after her mother-in-law arrived at her wedding with a very controversial plus oneCredit: Getty

She wrote: “I met my husband four years after he divorced who everyone in his family calls ‘the love of his life’.”

The bride says she wasn’t bothered what her in-laws think because her husband has assured her that his ex-wife – who she refers to as ‘Mindy’ – was not the love of his life, she was toxic and their separation was good for both of them.

In the beginning, the woman found it difficult to connect with her mother-in-law, but the pair bonded while grieving the father-in-law’s death.

And things began to look up for the family when the couple welcomed their first child and they hoped to get married, but things got in the way.

“When the pandemic began, money became tight for us and after having our baby my husband and I decided to prioritise our needs,” the woman continued.

“We used what his father left him and some of our savings to buy a house and decided to have a small celebration after we were legally married, but my MIL said no.”

The mother-in-law offered to pay for the wedding, and after some careful consideration, they agreed but wanted to keep it small.

“We made it small and simple because we didn’t want to take advantage of her and we even let my MIL have her way in some decisions,” she said.

“When the big day came, she has Mindy by her side and my husband and I are confused, my MIL approached us and we asked her what was happening, she said that she’d invited her to the wedding because it was a special day.

“My husband said that yes, it was a special day for us and that Mindy had no business being there and would appreciate it if she left.”

The mother-in-law looked at the bride, who confirmed that yes, she also wanted the ex to leave so the mother-in-law threatened to go with her.

She argued that since she’d paid for the wedding, she should be able to invite whoever she wants.

“She said that if Mindy had to go she’ll follow and my husband said ‘then do’,” the woman said.

The couple then had to ask the ex to leave, and the mother-in-law begrudgingly stayed, but she “spent all the evening mad.”

The woman wrote, “After the wedding, we offered to pay for half of it or even everything if she wanted but she said that the damage was already done.”

She’s asked if they were wrong to put their foot down about the ex when the mother-in-law had foot the bill for the entire day.

Commenters all agreed the mother-in-law was on the wrong on this one.

“I wouldn’t even pay her back,” commented one person.

“I would remind her that SHE was the one who wanted the wedding to happen and they did her a favour, not the other way around.”

“Also, OP didn’t even ask her to leave,” added another. “They asked ex to leave, MIL says ‘if she goes I go’, husband says ‘fine’, MIL goes ‘psych’ and stays.”

One said, “This sounds like MIL was trying to do the old ‘bait and switch’. Bring Mindy to remind the husband how much ‘he loved her’ and they get remarried. This lady needs to be cut off for a while… or forever…”

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