My toxic mother-in-law moaned I wasn’t as skinny as my husband’s exes – she said I looked like a COW, so I cut her out

RELATIONSHIPS with the in-laws are always tricky but one woman has revealed how she cut her toxic mother-in-law out of her life.

This shock move came after her husband’s mum branded her ‘a cow’ and made digs about her son’s exes were slimmer than her.


The woman was very upset at her MIL’s comments.Credit: Facebook

Taking to Facebook to air her family drama, viewers were left shocked when a happily-married wife explained how she’d been cruelly fat-shamed by her husband’s mum.

After talking about the months of harsh words exchanged between the couple and MIL, the woman posted an update stating that the couple had cut off her hubby’s mum completely.

She said they have cut “all contact” as he no longer wants contact with her and “doesn’t want her negativity in our life.”

The wife was furious when her mother in law decided it was a good idea to point out that her son’s ex-girlfriends were slimmer than her.

Her MIL even said that the outfit she was wearing made her look like a cow, which led to the husband becoming enraged.

This comment was seemingly the last straw for the couple, with the husband stating that he no longer wanted the mum in his life.

The husband told his mother that if she had nothing nice to say, not to comment at all on his wife’s appearance.

Not holding back, the son told his mum that his wife was more supportive than she ever was to him.

The post has racked up a number of likes and comments with many group members saying that the MIL’s comments were uncalled for.

“You look beautiful!! Misery needs company and she’s a disgusting human being!!! Also, yesssss to your husband” commented one person.

Another said: “That is overwhelming. I’m glad your husband stood up for you.”

Other’s sympathised with the woman saying that they had similar encounters.

One said: “My MIL found out I was getting weight loss surgery and said to me “so when you become pretty you will leave my son and break his heart.” You look great and I’m so glad your husband stood up for you.”

“My MIL sent the private photos she found of me to the whole family and told people she hoped my son looked just like his father. My fiancé did the exact same as yours. He hasn’t spoken to her in a long time” said another.

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