‘My wife’s younger than my daughters but they call her “Mum” – her parents are livid’

A grandad who married a woman 33 years younger than him says his lover’s parents are not accepting of their age gap relationship – and were absent at their wedding.

Jonathan and Roxana Eubanks, 57 and 24, tied the knot this year and are often stared at in public.

Video game developer Jonathan has two daughters older than Roxana and he is even 10 years older than his wife’s mum.

But despite the judgement of others, Jonathan told the Daily Star he and his wife couldn’t be happier.

He said: “We can’t go anywhere without getting the side eye. We get it everywhere we go.

“At first it made Roxana feel really uneasy whereas I’m like, ‘let them look’.

“She is now more comfortable now than ever, especially since getting married. Our relationship changed overnight after the wedding.

“It made her feel like this really is going to happen and I think she was worried that I might not get married and she would suffer an unending humiliation with her family.”

Jonathan, who also has three grandkids, added: “The situation with her parents is still bad. They didn’t go to the wedding and they maintain the age gap is the problem.

“But it provided a glue between her and I and cemented our relationship.”

The pair met three years ago in Pasadena, California, when Roxana was just 21.

Divorced Jonathan moved into her apartment complex and met her at a resident party shortly after.

Remembering the encounter, Jonathan said: “My first impressions were she was really attractive but she was also super super smart.

“She had this purity to her I really appreciated. I didn’t know what her age was but her demeanor made her appear a lot older than I thought she was.

“That first night we ended up sitting up and talking until two or three in the morning and we have been together ever since.”

But Jonathan said that within two weeks, Roxana had revealed her tender age.

He recalled being “very shocked” and said he would never have guessed her age correctly.

Jonathan added: “It amazed me that someone her age could talk about so many things, and do it competently.

“I have always preferred older women or more mature women, even when I was her age I liked older women.

“We are sort of the same people in that regard.”

Roxana, a soon to be clinical psychologist, quickly fell in love with Jonathan in what was her first serious relationship.

She was embraced by his family, especially Jonathan’s daughters, aged 33 and 36.

Jonathan said: “Roxana was the first person that both my daughters liked right away, they loved her.

“They now call Roxana their mother, which is hilarious, and she calls them her daughters. But they are more like big sisters.”

But her family was concerned about Roxana’s new man, according to Jonathan, who claimed they had a “serious problem with the age gap”.

They still got married in July this year and are even planning on starting a family together.

Jonathan added: “She wants at least one child and I wouldn’t deprive her of that. I would love it.

“People will say ‘oh he’s too old and what happens when he can’t walk’ but here’s my problem with that.

“I’ve had an accomplished life and haven’t had a physical job to go to, I work for myself. I can have an entire lifetime with a child now in terms of quality.

“I have no problem being the one to take care of the kid while she’s building her career and getting her start in life, all things I had the benefit of doing.”

The pair now showcase their relationship on TikTok under the name TheBlendedGap.

They have almost 25,000 followers and talk to fans about their age gap.

Jonathan said he had one condition when he agreed to join TikTok.

He explained: “We were not going to be the typical age gap couple where some old guy is rich and has the young beautiful girl and all the videos are about how much money he has and she’s showing how many purses she has from Chanel.

“I told Roxana if we are going to do it we are going to be real and show people who we really are.”

Jonathan also explained why he thinks his relationship is so strong – despite the huge age difference.

He said: “A lot of people think relationships work when they are compatible. But you have to define compatibility because from our standpoint we are not compatible by most standards.

“But for us it is our differences that hold us together because we both have so much to bring to the table.

“I would never have done TikTok if it wasn’t for her.

“I was already groomed to meet her because of my background in video games where my whole career was making things to accommodate younger audiences.

“My career groomed me to take on her. We have built our compatibility together.

“She is my best friend and she’s 24 years old.”


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